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Anyone in my area??? LEEDS Roundhay park UK and some flowers to say Thanks as yo are all wanderful!

Anyone in my area??? LEEDS Roundhay park UK  and some flowers to say Thanks as yo are all wanderful!

i would love to know if anyone else is around me that i can keep in touch with locally as its lonely feeling like this and no one to understand the extent of what it is like .

i seem to always be rough and ahving too many flares (relapses ) it is not nice and feel such a burden on my family as much as they do not think so ..

i do not socialise musch i have become a hermit really, i only deal with work and come home and jsut feel ohhhhh please give me life back again ..

i am strong independant but at same time i have emotions and try nto to put upon those around me .

i have BHMS too so be nice to know if anyone else does too as this is added to the problem like anyone else wiht health issues ..

sick of going round and ppl saying how ya doing ??? ohh fine thanks and you?? ffs i am not fine i just plod on! then that scares them off lol .

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Dear Fairycazzle,

I would like to provide you with the link to the FibroAction Support Group Directory that may help with the feelings that you are experiencing. please see below:

I believe this is the nearest group to where you are.

You may receive comments from other members that are near you and this may prove to be a beneficial support. Please be mindful of your online personal safety and that personal details should not be posted within the thread.

I hope you find a group within your area and gain understanding & empathy that may support you a little more.

Best Wishes



Bless you Cazzie, we all understand how you feel. We have all felt like that at some time or other. Having people who understand can make all the difference to our quality of life and general well being can't it.

Give the support group idea a try, you will meet other Fibromites and automatically be on the same wavelength. It might be just what you need.

Hope it all goes well for you, please let us know how you get on.

(((hug))) xxx


I live in castleford I to feel so alone and like you just stay In as having lots of flare ups too . Hope your ok be nice to chat if you want to. Sue x


Hi Sue

Sorry late reply!

Kinda been so busy forgot too until notification hehe.

When all this grabs hold it does change things and its crippling us financially constantly thinking of a way to get by lol.

But i used to be in Castleford every wk!

My daughter plays footy somewhere not far cannot remember grrr

I know we are near allerton by water when she does and its Wednesday nites she goes for an hour.

Will have to keep in touch! Plz inbox any chats you like xx caroline xxcazziexx


Hi hun let's keep In touch I'm of to the m e Clinc Friday I no whereabouts you are and at the moe I'm still able to drive my worst problem is a new one I can't lift my arms up it feels liked I've trapped a nerve and then sends my arm into brining cramps . Any way hope your well and maybe we could get together after Xmas for a coffee and good gossip. Take care. sue


I live in the Middleton area of Leeds,i have fibro as well as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. i would like someone else to talk to as its awful you feel so alone no one seems to understand the problems we have, You look ok on the outside, but on the inside you are struggling with the pain and tiredness, Please feel free to contact me


When I first saw your blog I thought I had written it and didn't remember doing it. Until I got to the bit that said BHMS and didn't know what it meant. You are exactly like I am and for that I sympathise with you greatly.

Take care of yourself,

Lynne x


Hi Lynne so do you have Bhms too??

Wow i only diagnosed this year 2012 and was iblivious to what it was or what it meant, how to manage etc.

I was angry and frustrated for something to be born with just start to play havoc, so i refuse to accept it although i am in need if hand rail now for outside as stairs will be no go in winter, snow etc. got Dr tonite.

My legs and spine giving me havoc so must get some help and answers.

I feeling scared if to go out i need a wheelchair!! I can manage house to car but any further walking is painful and weakness and stiffness grrrr .

Please yes keep in touch am happy to listen to anything at all xxxxxxx


Hi Fairycazzie,

I can't believe i've found someone who lives near me, I live in Moortown, i couldn't belive it yesterday when i saw your messsage. I have been diagnosed with FM since 2009 and then later diagnosed with RA. Its been a long struggle since 2006 for some kind of diagnosis. keep positive i know its difficult.

Take care



Hi carolineo

Cool you are 2 mins from me!! I am errm yes Roundhay area.

I have a lot of customers around that area and big ones.

So keep me posted on yourself with things xxx

Lovely of you and everyone to have posted :-D xx


Hi all i will reply asap.

Thanks tp those local too how suprising as dont feel alone now .

Bed time got a lot on at moment.

Thanku so much for replies

Nite nite for now xxxx ((((hugs)))


hi cazzie ,

I sometimes feel very alone ,1 been suffering fibro ,since 1998 ,and got ostioarthritise . .most off the time you cant move ,or sleep with pain , .i to live near wakefield so if you all like to keep in touch feel free .

all have gentle hugs xx


am so glad you've found others in your area so quickly Fairycazzle. I hope that you can all get together or at least chat on the phone/online and find some comfort from getting to know one another.

I have quite a few online friends with FM who are spread around the country, but there doesn't seem to be a group in north Devon yet. Unfortunately, I've just had to sell my car as I couldn't afford to keep it, so now I have even less mobility than before and am reliant upon my partner taking me places that require more than 5 mins on foot. Which is everywhere basically!

One of my neighbours has CFS but she still manages to work part-time and I rarely see her. We have coffee about every 6 months. Wish it were more. Another of my neighbours has a chronic condition not related to FMS and we manage to have a cuppa together most weeks. We're both in the middle of having work done on the house, so are living in chaos! We can't wait til it's all over and we can start putting things away tidily and not keep falling over boxes and sundry sh*t lol. It's good to share some of life's challenges with friends, whereever they may be. Good luck, Fairy - I hope you and the others in this blog can all have a banter and a lifting of spirits. Goodness knows, we all need that! Am flying on a codeine boost this morning so it's a wonder this comment makes any sense. I'll leave you to be the judges of that haha :-)

Fairy, I hope you won't mind if I put in a friends request in a separate blog - just in case there's somebody from my neck of the woods.


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