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Where did our day off go :(

Well today did not go as planned, we were suposed to be relaxing day playing the x box but last night we never slept and i gave up and came down stairs i di eventually sleep from 9 to 12 and then we started to sort throught the loft as they are coming to do our insulation. We decided to check the christmas decs and yes you guessed it i ended up doing Phoebe's room with all the decorations and lights and put her tree up ready for her and her friend to decorate so we did our small bit in the living room. We have always done a winter wonderland for her and it's worth the pain to see her face light up. So by the time we tidied up upstairs and down it is night time and i have hit my wall but it's done so i intend to relax tomorrow i do i do i do just after i have been to her school coffee morning ....... i'm so looking forward to it not! But she bagged so i will oblidge.

Wll i'm waiting for my tea and then Paul's parents will be down for their weekly catch up and then i really hope i sleep well tonight or that would be 4 nights in a row of little sleep.

I promise i will post the recipe's soon when i am relaxed enough night night my honey's hope you all sleep well xxxxx

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Sorry bout the lack of sleep but Christmas Decs whooot..... Am waiting for more recepies in the corner eagerly

VG x


I know what it is like to get very little sleep and it completely sapos the energy from you at a great rate of knots. So I hope you do get some sleep tonight and feel a bit more energetic tomorrow for the coffee morning xxxxx


Thanks Girls and i didn't get much sleep but made it to the coffee morning and i looked pretty good too lol no i really did :). I did fall aslepp for an hour this afternoon and sure i will sleep well tonight. Ive posted those cakes for you to try

Well i'm watching a film with my angel so will talk to all tomorrow xxxx


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