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Grumpy through the looking glass or wonderland neither make much sense

Excuse this rather confusing blog I,m just checking to see if I have suddenly sprouted long blonde hair, put on a blue and white dress and just gone down a rabbit hole......

After rather surprisingly bursting into tears at gins sensible post I realised I was on the verge of going into the wrong side of nutty and I needed to see my gp.... I got a cancellation with a different gp and that's when things went weird.

On arrival at gps I was buzzed in quickly, I went through the door to the corridor and that's when I started looking for the cake or bottle saying eat or drink me. The doctors door had gone... At least it was there but when I opened it it was a storage room, it was then I saw at the end of a long corridor the gps name, he had moved into my retired gps room. I got there and asked for a miracle, he went with it and said he couldn't manage one on NHS budgets but some thing less he could probably do.. I had gone because my arthritis is hurting so much with the weather, he looked at my notes and said I,m really sorry but everything you could have tried you have and it's reacted badly..... I was just resigned to limping out with my stick, had it been a rhythm stick I might have hit him with it..... My goodness Ian Dury and the blockheads how my age is telling.. Then he SAID..... Ohh you have fibro....... Let's see if we can do anything for that..... Now I really thought I was dreaming.... Someone OFFERING help for fibro unprompted he saw I was having short courses of diazepam low dose and then going straight back to square one, so he's given me a low dose start of amatryptaline... He said I know these agree with you as you had them for shingles 7 years ago........... What I could have had amaptyriptaline 7 years ago for fibro instead of suffering with nothing......he gave me a prescription and told me to see my gp in 2weeks... I go to reception and try to book appointment well it was back to Alice in wonderland Jam yesterday jam tomorrow, never jam today so in the end after getting totally confused, seems my own gp is having this week off next week on and the week I am due to go I back he is only there a couple of days and fully booked so I am going to see the same gp as today..... I can't believe it TWO. Gps in my surgery who believe in fibro and. Willing to give some treatment. Which will be best , I,ll tell you in two weeks and wow just looked up amatryptaline on Internet and its recommended for arthritis too, am in happy shock.

VG x

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Wow go you! Two Gp's that know about Fibro and share it with you,now THAT's a miracle! I really hope that it works for you and gives you some respite.

My GP has had Fibro on my notes for years apparently but only shared it with me last week when my hubby kicked up a fuss as I can't take it anymore.

Sending good vibes x


Our practice has three GPs and all of them are okay about fibro so I know I am not talking in riddles to them by trying to explain something. So shocks all arounf hun xxxxx


I do so hope this bottle is labelled up and you will find yourself casting of the weight and pain you have been struggling with every day. Dont forget to have some mushrooms a t hand in case you need to shrink and come back through the doctors door, Brilliant two who acknowledge Fibro cheers and sets of searching for the cheshire cat ....... are there you are .. what a big smile you have :) xgins


Thats good news indeed VG, it makes such a difference to a fibromite when a gp is good like that, i dont know about you but it makes me feel better mentally when you know your gp doesnt treat you like an idiot and actually wants to help and underrstands what pain you are going through. I am so lucky that at my practice i have only ever seen 2 docs and they both are huge believers in fibro and want to help in any way they can and it makes me feel better inside when ive been to see them. Heres hoping your new meds work. xx


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