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I haven't been on this site for several days, by the time I think about getting on here, my eyes close & it's sleep time, whether I want to or not!

I am so tired at the moment but I think it's mainly because the GP increased my meds again,

I take 3 x 150 pregablin as well as duloxetine. I think that, combined with my amitryptiline & heart + cholesterol tablets & various other things to make me rattle, they knock me out. I sleep for hours but still feel like death in the mornings. Some days I drag myself into my living room & just sit - no toilet or drressing, not even a cuppa, I feel an absolute slob but can't do anything about it.

But the main reason I wanted to write a blog was to tell you all my news.......................

The day before my assessment was due I get a phone call from Atos to say that they won't need to assess me because my gp's letter told them all they need to know - yipee no 'orrible assessment!!!!

Oh Dejavous - I think Ive already told you! so,skip that....

Next news, a couple of days ago a letter arrived. Top rate DLA on care & mobility indefinately!

Then We received an offer on our house.

To add to this my flat tenancy has been given the go ahaed, I move next month on the 14th.

The day after that my eldest son & partner are coming with my lovely grandaughter & are taking me out for the day.

Then a few days later my brother is driving up to collect me to spent xmas with their family & children.

Even practical things are happening....

I had 1hr of hydrotherapy in a new hydro pool in this town - bliss

I've had my memory test & am seeing a neuro prychologist on Monday,

The OT have organized for me to get some aiids & they are beig fitted tomorrow.

There was something else too but it's gone out of my head

But what a run of good luck! Things had been dreadful now they have done a complete turn about. I can hardly believe it!

I feel s**** & my feet are so painful that I can hardly stand, but nothing can wipe the smile off my face!

Sorry to all of you who are having a tough time but maybe your luck will change too. It CAN HAPPEN!

Love & hugs to all of you & thankyou for helping me through such a horrible time

cobweb xxx

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Hello Cobweb, so pleased things are turning out well for you and you're having good things happen, well deserved! :)

It's lovely to hear you sound so chipper and happy!

We are always here for you Cobweb, it's lovely to hear your cheery message with all your news and what's going on etc.

Bless you! (((hug))) xxx


Morning Cobweb what brilliant news I am so pleased for you. Sorry the tablets are sombiefying I dont know if that is a word I know my new dose was far to high and made me insensible and so I went back the other way. I am sure we will hear from you before Christmas but have a wonderful time and good luck with the move xgins


I am so pleased that all is going well for you and I could not be happier. I hope you have a wonderful Xmas, if we do not hear from you before then. I am so happy for you xxxxx


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