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Wow !

I had A medical assessment booked for tomorrow .The Dr was coming to my home between 4 & 7.30pm. I was in bed at 5pm today (suffering after hydro!) when the doorbell went.I got my son to answer it and he came back and said its the Dr! He told the Dr that I'd be about 10 minutes whilst I scrambled (as much as a person with fibro can scramble!) to get dressed.I lurched down the stairs and I was almost bent double by the time I arrived in the lounge.

The Dr was really nice and we had a laugh about who had the day wrong as he thought it could be him.

I was asked questions related to fibromyalgia which I was able to answer then he stopped the assessment saying he didn't need to continue because he could see how much difficulty I was having walking and I was still having lots of therapy.He said he was going to advise that I couldn't work..I asked if that meant I didn't need to look for a job He said yes he was going to advise the DWP and I should receive a letter soon.I asked if I'd need another medical soon and he said maybe in a year

So ,if the Dr was telling the truth, I may be in the support group.But I'm not getting excited until I get the letter!

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Oops,forgot to say that the assessment was for ESA


Good luck. Hope all goes right for you i the doc only advices. ESA he does not make the call its the ESA person.


fingers crossed x


Wishing you all the best Amanda, hope it all works out well for you! xx




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