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Omg just came on, I am shocked at how similar my symptoms are to others. Also, I have just had an assessment for esa and got zero score despite my Consultant's letter and he's a blooming professor at Barts. However, I am strangely still getting PIP I think? For all you suffering from the aforementioned, I have employed a solicitor to deal with the ESA also have my Consultant on side. I will keep you posted. Good luck to you all. Maybe we should all organise ourselves somehow, and fight as one, who know's. God bless.

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  • Ronnie1957 , Hi and welcome to our lovely forum.I sure you will find it helpful and get a laugh as well.I live in the. US and had to get atty to get my disability as well. Mine is not for FM but for depression and panic disorder. I wish you the best . Peck.🐤

  • Welcome Ronnie1957

  • Welcome and good luck with your fight - Neese. x

  • If you want to joint a group find DPAC - Disabled People Against Cuts. Welcome I'm a newbie too. I was kicked off ESA on my last call up but won my appeal without a solicitor. The majority of people who appeal the decision win, have my fingers crossed for you :)

  • Thank you , that's very encouraging. But unfortunately, I realy felt I needed someone on my side. I was feeling isolated and it has taken me some weeks to muster up for what comes. Your response has given me hope. Thank you again xxrxx

  • Good luck with it Ronnie. I am getting so fed up with how we are treated and that we have to fight for everything which is so stressful and tiring.

    Its hard enough actually getting diagnosis and treatment then when you get it no one seems to believe it.

    Its wrong to treat disabled people like this. Its barbaric in fact. When disabled by chronic ill health its like we are put on trial for being unfortunate enough to be ill.

  • Hiya blueby, I have also been taken off pip without any notice, it's truly cruel! Every time I get a bit more bad news it makes me want to bury myself but I know I wouldn't be comfortable lol. Seriously though I am completely baffled by it all I need to get a support worker to help me with it. Seeing a friend today who is really clued up about all this BS so hopefully I will be better informed later, thanks for your kind words and support.

    Kind regards


  • Good luck to you Veronica. I hope your friend can help you they sound like a person who could help all of us if they are up to it :)

    Keep smiling. May be what we all should do is constantly keep our MPs up to date with what is happening to us, and I mean keep on at them. Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    Take care

  • My friend is bringing me some (legal) letters, she said they are pretty mandatory when you mean business, I will be putting everything out there for all to use, don't worry about that, the more the merrier I say lol. Also there is a group of solicitors that take on cases but go to court mob handed, take 10 cases per hearing, can't tell you how excited it makes me pmsl will tell all when I know all.

    Kind regards


  • I wish you the best also. So very many appeals win. Personally I find it outrageous that we have to go through all this, but sadly we do. Got my fingers crossed for you.

  • Thank you kindly, after reading all of this I am livid and well up for the fight, nothing worse than injustice and I won't let it go, I hope the nurse enjoyed her £80 bonus she received for removing from ESA I wish her Karma and all she deserves (see already getting nasty lol) going to get a support worker and get all me ducks in a row then we will see. I have had this horrible condition since 2005 so how on earth I'm not qualified now but was then beggars belief.

  • I agree, lets join together!

  • Hi Ronnie1957

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your ESA claim, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • So very kind of you, this sight has opened my mind! I am however, shocked that all of these poor people are being put through all this rubbish to what end, God only knows.

  • Ronnie if you do a search, or look on this site for terrible experiences, it's absolutely heart-rending. I read on here only last week that according to the Government's own statistics, that 20,000 claimants have died since being told they weren't sick enough, or killed themselves. Imagine the outcry if these people were killed because an attack or something? Can you imagine the press then? But because we are sick/disabled, somehow no one makes much of a fuss. All these medicals and how nasty/inaccurate/worrying they are, are intentional because of both main parties saying they will weed out all the lead-swingers and target benefits on those most in need. It might sound like a good idea to some, but the worry, depression, sickness and even suicides it has caused has been terrible. I know, I have been one of those that got so seriously depressed, that I had to give up all claims and we just lived on my wife's income.

    I'm guessing that this might be part of it? To make claiming benefits so nasty, that all those that can possibly manage somehow, will do so rather than claim. I had to, because five years of appeals to get my rights was making me too suicidal. So I had to quit. These were NOT frivolous appeals either, they were tribunals and three times I got a posh embossed letter from the Lord Chancellor's office, setting aside the tribunal's decision AS WRONG IN LAW. In other words, the tribunals were breaking the law in denying me DLA (as it was then). But they did and kept doing it sadly until I broke.

    If you can, please do keep on trying yourself and don't go under as I did. But don't ruin yourself in the process like I almost did either.

    These are supposed to be our rights, so good luck with your fight!


  • Hiya Brian, sorry I haven't replied sooner had a few bad days? Fortunately I'm half Irish and love a good fight lol but seriously your words have shocked and saddened me, I have been absolutely fit to be tied over this and can promise I will not be beaten, it's amazing already, already the person that calls me from the job centre has measured the way in which she speaks to me(in other words she's under manners) I'm a nasty little woman when riled lol

    Kind regards to you and yours


  • Hi Veronica,

    It's good to know you, and also that you are up for a fight! I really hope it doesn't need that, and that they see sense at the earliest opportunity. But it's good to hear all the same that you are going to stick up for yourself. I only wish I could have held out longer, but I was very depressed when I started, that was even part of my claim-So they knew that, and that the Lord Chancellor's Office was saying they were breaking the law on three occasions, but still they carried on. Hopefully they were the bad old days, and that they would not be so brazen now. I'm a big believer in recording official conversations now wherever possible.

    Good luck and go get 'em tiger!


  • Hiya Brian, your story is unbelievably cruel, and although I am ready for the fight it's a daunting task , in light of all you others have already been through its even more so but really don't have a choice. Sink or swim for me. 😳😳😳 thanks again for your kind words.

    Kind regards to you n yours


  • Hiya Brian, I spoke to a friend today who is a welfare worker she told me to look up, Atos miracles. Fight back. And turn to me I haven't looked at them yet but am going to now, anyway she is taking my fight on and it's give me a massive boost So onward and upward my friend I'm getting my little army assembled lol xxrxx

  • Hey that is so good to hear! Having someone like that on your side makes a massive difference I'm told.

    I have my fingers crossed for you, and I'

    m hoping you get through with no problems this time!


  • Same thing a Goon trained for two weeks can override neurologist decision that your illness leaves you unable to work .I been kicked off the esa. Found fit for work. Just got es a in march and pip am still getting. They are doing everything to bring down numbers of people who are not well if not disabled finding the terminally ill fit for work? Missed three medical so I must be fit for work. Don't let the bas t..... grind you down keep appealing good luck


  • Thank you John, don't you think it strang that there is no mention of all this in the media hmmm very strang when you consider the impact on us. I fully intend to fight this tooth and nail, I had my own business for many years, so am well used to fighting for what I need. And can you believe the person that did my assessment told me to shut up on three occasions because she was typing. She was in fact stabbing at the keyboard with two fingers, clearly she was unable to do her job efficiently if she was typing reports but couldn't type. P.S. I have always been an excellent fighter so am ready for their BS I'll try to keep all informed hopefully I maybe able to help others.

  • Ding ding round two! Being summoned to attend jobseek er and entering building the lights affect me make me sway and feel sick and bad tempered so rolling towards them like Captain jack sparrow not best pleased at being there, they were very helpful ,disgusted at my treatment being called to the medical 15 miles away at 3.15 to be told they have been trying to contact me on mobile to tell me not to come, I have no missed calls so guy lied twice. This made me turn to the crowd sitting in the waiting room whic of them had been waiting longest, a woman stood up and said she had an appointment for 11.15! I turned and said to this guy your having a fur blinking laugh making her sit there all this time you seriously do not want me here .To this I heard laughing at me from behind the doors where so called medical professionals were having fun, at that one of the Goon squad came from the back room and called the poor woman in,this being done to everyone failed their medical because if you can sit for more than 10-15min you fail and scored 0 points. So if they kept all those people waiting non scored any points, then there was a program on channel 4 about this and they were getting £50 bonus for each of these people They gave 0 points to this happened with At o's and still seems to be happening with Maxim who run the show now

  • Ffs, reading your story, I'm starting to feel like a clone. And we are all apparently having the exact same experiences. For anyone that needs to know, the people that fight hardest n shout loudest get treated better soooooo come on everybody lets start a wave LOL I have recently been told this by a health professional PMSL!!

  • Check out the Benifit's and Work really helpful site loads of info on there and updates on goons activities. Sorry can't do click on

  • Hi Ronnie hope you are well as can be expected. I got my job seekers allowance they are paying a carer allowance on top of every thing else and told me that when my medical certificate run's out I will go back to ESA but at moment am waiting mandatory reconsideration to which I got a letter they have looked at their decision again and still stand by it which is not a mandatory reconsideration damn gobbley gook ! Had to show this to guy at disability help said never seen anything like this before. But he said that the payment for the j s a were good ,I was worried I have to pay them back if payment was wrong. Be strong don't let the bas @tar # d's grind you down

  • Hi Hun, I am in exactly the same situation as you. My Freind is coming around mine on Monday, she is a welfare officer, and she is getting stuck in for me. She is thinking of starting a information/help centre for people like you and I, should be informative if it happens. Let's face it anything that helps is good, coz from what I have heard n learnt they the goons are taking the piss, and quite frankly I'm a strong character and they have made me feel really vulnerable, I can't imagine how someone without my attitude must be feeling, a form of bullying without doubt.take care Hun keep fighting.

  • SWEET We could all do with friends like her,and yea if she can get involved with peeps and help us improve our lot .Did you find that Work and Benefits site so many pointers .Like you said they even make strong people feel vulnerable the constant stream of bs and lies! As before don't let the bas7#zd z grind you down


  • Hiya, forgot to mention my friend isn't that reliable soooo she has put me off a few times she won't be here till Friday, looks like I'll have to pick her brain and do the best I can. She said she will bring letters I need etc. I'm a little bit down about it, and I am having a MRI scan in London later yuk not looking forward to that, just something else to worry about. My arms and legs keep going numb and shooting pains all over the place. Sooo I'm a bit down at the mo x

  • Hi Ronnie hope you're doing well after the event of Mr I? Large and Larger G&T's all round X

  • Where do I start lol, firstly I went to the wrong hospital? Don't ask me how? I don't understand it myself😇😳 fortunately I was well early so gave me 30 mins to find the proper one. EC1 right bang in the middle of the city in rush hour (deep joy) in hindsight ( wtf was I thinking ) but hey, God was smiling found it on time and a parking spot..........oh crud just remembered I never paid my congestion fee £11.50 . Anyway back to my mri they did two extra for some reason on my thighs hips and spine, not my knock and shoulders as I expected but I didn't say anything coz I just wanted to hobble out too painful laying on a hard surface for that long and the girl lifted my legs up to high and way to rough!!! She got gentler after my loud protest lol horrific journey home through the rush hour traffic it's like blooming wacky races. Got home and paid homage to my memory foam mattress which by the way is heaven sent, it doesn't help everything but it does ease some of the pain then I had a very very large vodka and lemonade it was wonderful lol x

  • That was kneck not nock , sorry so selfish of me how are you getting on hope your not in to much pain today,

  • Yeah that sounds like a hell of a day! Me same old same old. But convinced my quack moons ago to give me something that doesn't give me vertigo ie all codeine based killer's and others that do trick but make me anxious!But that'san opioid he says, I don't care about that they make me feel like not caring about the pain that gets through, but they cost £272 for 50 he says .Im pass the point of caring if you don't give me some I have to go on the black market and get heroin.He gave me them Dipipanone/cyclI zine. Work like magic! Get your quack to give you some. Lil bit addictive but easier to use to step down off of if you want .Tell him to bu&ger off with the Tram adol .Any way Large ones all round X

  • Thanks for the advice, I'm about to change my quack, he said to me about a month ago that "you must have had a wonderful life? Coz I've got very blue eyes and blond hair," wtf my next door neighbour is from Jamaca and she said that my doctor was racist?? I didn't think to much about it, apart from thinking my doctor is a numb nut. But she and others have said I should change sooooo everyone can't be wrong. Got new reg form for a new doctor let's hope this one will be better(well he can't be worse)😩😩😩 I will ask him about new melds that don't make me sick all the time, coz I'm like the shrinking woman over here getting smaller by the day lol anyway Tel I wish you a pain free day, I would say longer but I know that won't happen 😔

  • It's John not Tel Donny ! Drugs must be working. New quack new fight onnier .Mine just looked gormlessy at me when I mentioned M.e fibro got to tell them what you want and for them not to add to the stress by shoving all cheaper med at you X

  • Hi ronnie & welcome..😊..hope ur feeling esa results were the same as urs & i am recieving pip..i sent every document i could find even paid £25 for a dotors letter & got 4 copys from my consultant for free..🤔..i went to see cab & their sorting every thing out for me so its taken a lot of worry of my head..😊..theres lots of really good fibro friends here who are fantastic & listen to every thing which is also a great relief..😊..have a lovely day..Terri..😊

  • I too had the dreaded pip assessment and have been left utterly bewildering by my results. I was on dla and had an indefinite higher rate mobility component. After my medical assessment this has been withdrawn but I have been awarded standard rate care so have only lost £7 a month. Go figure! Neither my doctor or my carer can work that one out. I saw what the assessor put on the form for mobility. He put can walk 5m somehow that has become a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 200m......... Good luck with your appeal. X

  • Welcome Ronnie.

    I too have just had an ESA assessment & scored ZERO for EVERYTHING. Ironically I'm now actually in a worse state than I was when I first claimed 2 and a bit years ago!

    My PIP however is ongoing & when I rang them to check they were utterly flabbergasted at the decision.

    'Nurse' lied & said she'd based some of her decision on a recent report from my GP - my GP has confirmed that they have NEVER sent anything about me to them, nor have any of my 3 consultant surgeons, in fact none of them have ever been asked for any info... They are now writing full reports for me.

    I am also looking into the Nursing Code, as my 'assessor' is apparently a registered nurse - now I know doctors are 'covered' by the hippocratic oath ('& harm none'), & if nurses are too, she is CLEARLY in breech of her pledge!

    Reading the 'nurses' report I'm not actually sure quite who she was speaking to, as her answers don't relate to pretty much anything I said.

    Have asked for mandatory reconsideration but I know that based on her report it will be denied, so I am collecting everything I need for appeal.

    Sadly I'm one of those stupid proud people who believes in helping herself wherever possible, I find solutions to issues & problems, so like an idiot I've totally adapted my life & how I do stuff in order to cope - WRONG!!!

    From what I can work out re 'fit for work assessments' unless you're lying helpless in your own filth & squallor, unkempt, unclean, unfed, & unable to do ANYTHING for yourself you'll be deemed as perfectly fit & healthy & should be working full time.

    I wish you every success with your appeal Ronnie & if your solicitor can give us any hints or tips, I'm sure many here would appreciate it.

  • Hiya Tinky13, the piece of work that assessed me actually told me to shut up several times because she was typing, she was in fact stabbing at the keyboard with two fingers, clearly not able to type anything let alone a report. I had merely said she was typing so much but hadn't asked me anything??? I am a blonde haired blue eyed woman and a doctor actually said to me a few weeks ago, that I must have a wonderful life due to my appearance, as you have said perhaps we should all lay in our own filth, this maybe the answer? Just a thought why is there none of this in the media, this must be affecting thousands of poor souls.

  • My friend told me today to look at Atos miracles. Fight back. And turn to me. I'm going to look now. Hope they help. Xxrxx

  • I am fighting back, have mostly finished letter, just need to check it through & send it off...

    Good luck to you too :) x

  • Hiya hope your well (as can be) my mandatory was not forwarded on at the JSA my advisor has been caught fabricating phone calls to me, she told me I was sanctioned despite the fact I was infirm and under the influence of morphine. My advisor actually put me off JSA without letting me know??? So I went to war the JSA supervisor miraculously put me back on and back dated it and I was also put back on esa with the added bonus of an extra £20 per month yay. Just had an assessment by PIP and am waiting outcome, I refused to do the dance get up and wave your hands in the air left leg in right leg out and the silly cow was more preoccupied with my rather large mastiff staring through the French doors at her. And on that note I got a customer service call asking me how it went??? Never had one of those before and would love to know if anyone else has.🤔🤔🤔 all the best Ronnie

  • Hey Ronnie, am glad yours went well & you got a top up too :D

    My MR failed, they didn't actually reply to a single point I raised in my letter, just kept repeating the report so I'm off to court at some point!

    My local CAB have been absolutely AMAZING at every turn - tbh I should have spoken to them in the first place. Damn my stubborness issues!

    I will say however I was incredibly lucky with my JSA advisor, she was great & actually helped where she could - there are still a few good people in the system & I was fortunate enough to find one.

  • Ronnie1957,,,just letting you know that the criteria for esa and pip are different,,

    esa ia work based benefit, they work at you to go back to work, and the pip is disability based, and worked out differently,,,,just plain daft,,is what we all try and deal with,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Thanks for that, unfortunately they have stopped the pip without any prior warning as well so looks like my solicitor will have another battle on my behalf ffs just need to calm myself but my head won't let me rest😳Feels like I'm loosing the plot at times

  • Hi, all you brave soul's. I hope your all having a better day 😍 Spoke to an old friend today, what she doesn't know about all this ESA and PIP cuts isn't worth knowing. I have explained my situation to her and thank god in heaven, she is coming to see me next Wednesday. She is bringing legal letters for me to use, and she is actually a welfare officer. Chuffed to bits. She did however, mention a couple of things we might all like to look at. I hope they are informative, I am going to have a look myself in a mo, coz guess what "I can't sleep' they are. Atoms miracles. Fight back turn to me Just passing on info I got today so hope it's worth looking at. Good luck xxrxx

  • Sorry that was Atos lol

  • Fight back. Turn to me Sorry you lot had a fibro mo lol

  • Good luck with everything and let us no how you get on Carol ☺

  • Okey dokey will do and thanks for your support. Sincerely hope I can help others as well as myself

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