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Is feeling as if your body isn't your own normal?

I've had such a dreadful day today :-( (think all the writing filling in the DLA/Blue Badge forms yesterday hasn't helped and there still not finished!) had a really bad night, soo much pain and sweating buckets full, a few times I was sweating that much my pillow was wet through :-( once I managed to get up this a.m I felt really strange like my body wasn't mine (more so than normal), I couldn't focus at all, couldn't get my limbs to work, felt totally exhausted, confused & fatigued :-( then I had to go to work :-( when I got to hydrotherapy this afternoon my physio sent me home saying I was too poorly to do the session & commented on how rough I looked :-( its scary sometimes how bad and strange I feel, like I cannot function at all, every day my FIBRO seems to be stripping me away! Even breathing hurts! Can't see me ever improving, I just keep going in a downward direction :-( I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way! xxxGentle hugs to allxxx

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I often feel like this but I think over the years I have gotten used to it, My sweating buckets at night turned out to be the menopause so now although I am not on HRT(they want to avoid it with me if they can)but I am on Clonidine which helps to control the sweatling quite a bit, it happens from time to time but not as troublesome as it was. I hope you start feeling a little better soon hun xxxxx


I know just how you feel, I've been feeling like this for a couple of days now. I went for a planned medical check up today and the nurse said I was too ill to do it and had my GP see me straight away. I can barely walk, so exhaused I'd not even eaten or had anything to drink as I was too tired to get anthing, I was in bed at 10 last night and didn't get up, other than to use the loo, until gone 11 this morning. I woke several times in the night feeling like my stomache was on fire and boiling hot. The GP thinks the Gabapentin that I was put on three weeks ago is the cause. She advised me to stop them and see how I get on. So no doubt I'll be back to continual pain within days. Even now I still have only managed a bowl of porridge. I'm as weak as a kitten and feel completley drained. Living in hope tomorrow is better. Hope you are feeling better soon, fellow sufferer sending gentle hugs and sympathy.


I feel like that all the time and sweat buckets too usually just after tea dont understand why as have my hormones checked so not starting the change and thyroid been checked too and both came back ok so am stumped....I would go back to your GP and have a long chat with him and tell him/her exactly how you are feeling then maybe your GP will have some answers for you. It was suggested on here that I wrote my GP a letter explaing how i was feeling on a day to day basis as when i had any appts with her she appeared to be off with the fairies and did not appear to be listening so I took the advise and now she gives me the time of day and has finally referred me to a pain specialist, amazing what a letter can do as I dont think she would of bothered to refer me if I had not wrote to her.

Take care of you. vikki x


Hi Vikki

Just noticed about you saying about the sweating after tea. It can be that when you eat that it increases your sugar levels in a hurry so to speak. More so if you have not eaten all day long. I found that happening to me as I was not eating through the day and as soon as I eat I sweat and it is awful and embarrassing too. But having three small meals a day seemed to ease this and I was doing fine until the change happened. But even now I do not sweat excessivley xxxxx


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