I,m giving in

I am giving in I just can,t take any more been fighting it for two days, this is the worst flare I have had for over a year, funny how you forget how much pain you can be in cos we are used to pain every day then you get a flare and nothing helps I, ve tried usual meds I,ve tried ignoring it and being funny now I am going to give into it and see if total rest shocks it into submission, sorry for this to be such a short boring blog but I just don't know where to put myself or what to do with myself as everywhere and everything hurts

Hopefully abnormal service will soon be resumed

VG x

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  • Oh VG I am so sorry it is consuming you at minute. Hang on in it will pass ! Take care rest let your body tell you what it needs and with love and luck you will be smiling with us all soon xgins gentle hugs (((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))) Fibro is just such a bitch.

  • Oh vg! i am sorry that youre having such a bad flare up at the moment, dont worry about moaning or a post being boring...you may be full of fun but unfortunately like the rest of us you battle every day with this wicked illness. I wish i had a magic wand so i could make you feel better but just like your partner in crime says,,,,hang on and it will pass. Please, please just vent on here and we will all be here for you. I wish you well my friend, gentle hugs...Charlii xx

  • aww hun, sending gentle ((hugs)) xx

  • Oh bless you VG! So sorry about your flare-up, they are hideous things at the best of times! Sometimes we have to just go with it, rest, keep warm, take our meds and wait for it to ease a bit.

    I hope it eases really soon for you my dear. Take it easy. (((hug))) xxxx

    (Your humour and sense of fun will be really missed by all of us, whatever will Gins do without you!)

  • hi VG i hope you get over this flare as soon as possible , you are always so understanding when we have our flares , take care warm hugs xx

  • I hope this passes quickly for you

    hugs xxxx

  • Very gentle hugs to you VG, I hope this horrid episode passes soon, it's so awful when you just don't know what to do as nothing seems to ease it. Hope it helps to know we care. xx

  • Sorry about your flare hun and I do hope it passes soon. I am into the 6th week of a flare so I know how you feel, but I will not give in to it. I want to crawl into my bed but I will hold out until 9.30 and then go up. It made me give up a good job, took prescious play time with my kids away and issued me with all this pain and I will be damned if I am going to take to my bed after 26 years of not doing it. Don't see that as me being rude to anyone that needs to lay down as I for one do not blame anyone that takes to their beds with this awful illness. But for me it is how I deal with it, I am my daughters carer so I really cannot go to bed, I can dream of it though xxxxx

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