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To scared!

Ok rich coming from me as i always say it is better to try as you can't get if you don't but i really not sure i want to put myself through it all. Mean i read what you have all written about your experiences and it puts me right off big time i still hold out hope of working again as i get so bored as i have worked since i was 14. But how can i go on like i am. For all my taking it easy i'm just getting worse. I did go for it a few years ago and found it humiliating and i didn't even go for the appeal. I do have a lot more diagnos's yet i'm not as bad as many of you who have tried and still been knocked back. so really don't think it worth my time but Paul say's we should at least try.

Plenty to think about i guess!

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I think you should try. The government is banking on people getting fed up trying and giving up, and this is a sad fact. They make it so hard, make you so emotional that you just want to run in the opposite direction. I would keep trying hun. If I had not had another way out I would still be trying and like hell would I give them the satisfaction xxxxx Stay strong


i would also try its something you are entitled to, i agree with Ozzygirl they are trying to make things as hard as possible as if life isn't hard enough for us already xx


Thank you ladies i do hear you and i know you and Paul are right i'm just in a bad mental place right now.



Rachie I'm constantly thinking about going back to work. I want my independence back and to feel i'm contributing financially. I do apply for things from time to time....bit then watch my health deteriorate. I think it's important to train up. Setting an alarm. Getting up and getting to somewhere specific by a certain time consistently. (I use a daily morning church service). I haven't managed to get there yet. It's not that I don't want to... But that morning effort wipes me out. When I can do that.....I'll know I'm ready . It's not that I can't do the the consistency of having to be somewhere, fit and well. X personally still in training x


Hi Stepper i to miss my independance and especially as our financial belt tightens even more. I have been looking on the jobcenter site but work where we are is scarce. I do get up every day at 7:30 to get Phoebe ready for school and all my doctors appointments are made for the morning. I almost believed that it was in my grasp to be fit enough to work but the my back has reared its head and i can't in all honesty work with legs that keep going numb on me. So i will just have to sit on my butt and hope to win the lottery haha by the way i do do the the house work so not always on my butt. :) xxxxx


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