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It’s back to the drawing board tomorrow, having exhausted all hope with previously advised self-help. I had expected some intense pain from the exercise, but not near as much as I am in. It has been six weeks since I began with my Physiotherapist and I would expect this level of pain had I never exercised before. However, I have always exercised, whether it be aerobics, yoga, pilates or sport. I am, in many ways, very fit and very flexible. I’ve tried working through the pain, but it’s just too much. I’ve tried resting until the pain goes away, but it doesn’t. Nothing compares to the burn. It floors me.

As well as exercise, I have tried both anti-depressants and nerve-relaxants, but I see no difference, even as a higher dose. The painkillers prescribed to me (Codipar) are absolute rubbish, and I know this makes me sound like a knob, but it all feels so cruel.

This week has been the worst ever for my pain. I’ve got a terrible urine infection, too, so I’m off to see the Doctor, yet again, first thing tomorrow. I’m running out of hope for the cure or relief I’ve spent four years searching for. When I ask for help, I get told that I cannot have strong painkillers as I may get addicted. What do they think I am? Some sort of junkie? I see so many heroine addicts pick up their methadone every day. They don’t get sent away. (Sorry)

So, wish me luck…

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Good luck, have you tried pointing out to your gp that quality of life is better than quantity in constant pain, my gp reluctantly gave in after we had this discussion which included me threatening to go out and try cannabis, hilarious when I look back as I don't smoke, can't cook and don't know where to find it, but it got home to him how bleak my life had become and now I have meds that help me sleep and for severe flares I can get stronger meds for short periods

VG x


I agree with VG above. You really should not have to suffer horrid pain when there are medications available to help you. I'm sure the infection is making everything seem worse though so you do need to get that sorted out first of all. If your GP is still reluctant to help you, perhaps you should consider seeing somebody else who is a bit more understanding. There are many meds available to help with Fibro pain. Why not find out about some of them and ask your GP to let you try them for a short while to see if they make a difference (look at the tags for medications etc on the right side of the page). Good luck and stay strong! Jane x


I do hope you get rhough toy our GP and get something that is going to help you regarding the pain xxxx


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