Hi all just been on another post and it mentioned hearing problems so i wondered how many of you have problems hearing.

I can't tollerate high pitched noises as they are painful i find it difficult to hear in noisy areas and tend to tune out in crowds which can come across rude but i can't help it thankfully my Paul notices and helps me out. I suffer from continuous high pitched noises in my ears which i believe to be tinnitus, i do find it harder to hear low sounds and i suffer with sore eustation tubes particularly in the left ear also itchy ears. hen i was a toddler i went stone deaf due to glue ear ( doctors refused to believe i was deaf for 18 months ) so wether that has had a lasting effect i don't know as i had a hearing test 9 years ago and was told my hearing was perfect but that wwas before all this started.????

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  • no ur not hearing things!! its a part of the fibro im sure i used to love music and playing it loud i cant tollerate noise anymore even when my partner comes home from work his routine to get coffee straight in the bath WITH MUSIC ON ! does my head in i start to feel annoyed i watch the tv on without sound too! omg! loopyloo! lol i also was born with an abcess on my eardrum so deaf they thought i would be untill my ex husband kindly beat me oneday in the ear and broke my eardrum so i had an operation done and its been perfect eversince but not with noise tolarants so i think it really is part of fibro i also cant hear low voices , dont worry xx

  • Hi there

    Yes Fibro, I get ri ing in ears can't stand anything loud noisy crowds etc, I used to have my tv on 20 volume now it's 14 that's a massive jump. Take care Michelle

  • I too suffer from tinnitus and I believe it is fairly common in Fibro sufferers. I also have some hearing issues and tend to be sensitive to loud sounds. I am seeing an ENT specialist next week as the tinnitus drives me bonkers and keeps me awake at night, but I don't think there is a lot he can do to help really. Just another of the many things that we have to put up with :). Jane x

  • must be fibro. I also suffer from such things as high pitched sounds. My husband has a cough at the moment and it goes right through me. Lucky me he goes out of the room to cough but I cannot expect him to get out of bed every time he wants to cough. I used to enjoy loud music but I cannot stand it anymore. I rarely have the radio on, except Radio 4.

    Gentle Hugs x

  • I have a condition called auditory processing disorder which you all may find interesting reading. I cannot stand noise sometimes and it can trigger panic attacks in me. I also have recently developed strange tinnitus and momentary deafness which then returns to normal x

  • Hi ,I've been hard of hearing since childhood.I used to have ear infections and glue ear and missed a lot of school.I had my hearing tested a couple of weeks ago and both ears have a moderate hearing loss.The range is mild,moderate & severe.last time I was tested,probably a couple of years ago one was mild and one moderate.So I'm going the wrong way!!!

  • I have menieres and all that goes with it, plus the ear canal in my left ear is apparently bent almost in two. Sometimes the smallest sound can come across as a huge bang or screech that literally frightens the Bijesus out of me. When there is all different sound happening at once I cannot hear anything at all. I had a go of my daughter hearing aid and it was only then I realised how all the sounds I hear are very dull indeed, no quality to them. Sometimes the tinnitus is so loud I have to try and drown it out by using my MP3 player xxxxx

  • I also have tinnitus and asthma since I was diagnosed with FMS and some days CFS xxx

  • It's a very common symptom of having Fibromyalgia, we can be sensitive to sounds, light, temperature, pain, foods, tastes and smells, so many things. Our senses generally seem heightened with this condition. Sometimes we seem to pick up peripheral sounds more easily than a noise in front of us.

    See info from our main site at FibroAction about heightened symptoms and sensitivities etc -

    Hope this helps! :) xxx

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