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I talked to the Doc yesterday

and I am a little gobbsmaked his answer to my pain levels is to bump- my painkillers to maixmum dose so 120mg Oxycodone Hydrochloride slow release at night 8omg in the day plus break through feel slightly like a door mouse who has bee woken up head is thick and fuzzy okay I hear you shouting that is normal-------------- well it may be however I do not think it is the answer.- you canot continually put the door mouse back in the tea pot- reference Mad Hatters Tea party! In fact on the same lines I feel I have joined The Corkas Race!

I wish some one would help an at least sort my hips /back out then I would knowthe rest was Fibro.

Going now to my head down a rabbit hole may see some of you down there :) xgins

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Morning Gins.

You need to ask you doctor to refer you to a pain clinic or specialist rather than just stabbing in the dark. Too many painkillers can cause problems too. I was lucky enough to be refered to Liverpool Royal who finally gave me a diagnosis which is CFS/ME And not fibro and already with the right treatment I am feeling a little better.

Piggie hugs xxxx


Hi Gins i have no answer for you but i will say you have managed to completly confuzzle me with that post hehe i swear that was a different language i will put it down to fog. Hope you get relief soon

I do get the medication bit and understand you don't want to be spaced out.



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