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Today was a total washout!

Well I got up, knackered cos I couldn't sleep last night. Plastered on enough eye make up to rival Gaga, donned my carefully planned 'back to work' outfit and then went to pick up my

'fit to return' note and the flipping doctor hadnt filled in the date properly do it was no use! He wasn't going to be back till 4.30 so I couldn't go in! I basically got dressed up to go to ASDA in the end grr!

On top of this, I curled my hair last night and accidentally grabbed the barrel of the tongs - 230 deg. Ouch doesn't come close! I stuck my hand under the cold tap and our the oven timer on for 2 minutes!

I did go see Jerry though - who ignored me and scoffed his hay!

Time for bed - said Zebedee! Mr Sandman bring me a dream! If I'm still awake at 4am I shall post the lyrics to 'No Rest' by New Model Army!

Storm x

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"there is no rest for the wicked ones" ... well I've been a very naughty girl then cos I've spent 2 hours trying to get to sleep and my mind won't stop whizzing round. Now I've got belly ache so I'm up with a mug of boiled water and sugar ... again.

*sigh* ... such is life hun, guessing you got it sorted and will be back at work tomorrow instead then?


Well its 4.40am just read your blog, My cold is kicking in hard and fast hubby snoring head off so I thought I'd take a peek see if anyong was about,

I hope you are managing to get some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's in

night night x


Sorry you both couldn't sleep. I slept like a baby last night and would still be in bed but Trev is coming to start the re-wiring - joy! The NFH are in for a shock haha :-D

Going in at twelve to work!


Bad that you had such a poor night and not a good day either by all accounts. I hope things go better tomorrow xxxxx


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