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Hows things have transformed. A small days feels a week

Well was ok to start, went out checking wrk as i have to since i run it and have to show not given up too.

I went all good, happy, left drove half way home hmmm left my fone!! Had to go back.

Been awkwardly blocked with cars and ohh dear or is it just me getting unsure lol (laugh out loud)

The rain for some reason i have noticed makes me worse!!

Come home to a white Envelope thinking hmm another william (bill)

Plonked everything in kitchen and opened it Blue Badge has arrived i kinda laughed and tears just ran down my face just stared at it and tthen thought hmmm so why ask for foto if not going to use it how will anyone know its me haha

Then txt hubby no reply and sat down and flicked it over ahhhhhh thats why ... Its on the back!!! D'oh ohh i am daft .

Put some vegetable rice in for Tea , took time doing potatoes out and cut myself, had to sit and do it , i can not use them scraper ones worse damage.

Now ready to go collect daughter from school with others (chauffeur Taxi) go to jack fultons the kids are helping me as i will need trolley.

Feels like a weeks work today how things have Transformed!!!

Cleaned litter trays and fed watered and dog (cannot walk the dog ) thats too much, daufhter will do xxxx

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Well done you achieved it --------- and congratulations on blue badge you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your life.

And you have prepared tea as well awesome xgins


congratulations on your blue badge take care love beth x


Great about the blue badge, should make life so much easier for you in the long run. All my days feel like weeks lol especially right now. I just want the world to swallow me whole. To add to my fibro flare, emphysema flare, popped heel, cluster headaches I now have yet another rounds of occular migraines. They drive me ruddy nuts lol as it splits my vision in two. Oh happy days, OHHHHHH happpy days, oh happy days, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH happys days(thought a bit of gospel might cheer us all up lol xxxxx


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