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will I get well?

I was diagnosed mid July this year since then I've been wondering realistically will I get well? Or should I learn to cope within the parameters of my health now? What should I aim for? Or is it too soon to know.I find it very frustrating not knowing and I seem to be getting worse .(probably this severe cold we are having)I'm seeing my GP on Monday morning and I'm going to ask her this.My Gabapentin hasn't appeared to have made a scrap of difference and my cocodamol doesn't work either.Sorry for the moan but it feels like it is taking an eternity to get my meds right

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Hi when you get your meds on the right track it becomes quite livable with so take care I am afraid this is us for the fore see able future. xgins


Well,,,, hmmmm as gins says rightly ( gahh I hate agreeing) well implys as good as before but once your meds get sorted you should level out.. And have good times and flares, but I am afraid once you have fibro you have it until someone develops a cure.



As I lay crying in bed this morning in so much pain I could not move, I thought either I let this fibro beat me or I fight!!! Well I have decided to fight!!!!

Long soak in Epsom salts bath relaxing my body and positive thinking, then good helping of coconut oil on my toast, WII brushed off and 1/2 hour of gentle exercise. The mind does have a lot of power over our bodies ans I am not going to lye down and be beaten. : (

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To be honest with you Amanda it is too soon. Your Fibro doesn't really have a pattern yet as it's only been a few months. Over the years having Fibro we can virtually plan how we are going to be during Winter, whether the cold and heat affect us and how. Also how to see flare-ups coming, how to deal with them, how to pace etc. Also to learn what our reasonable limitations are.

Although there is no cure for Fibromyalgia at present, it is possible to improve our well being and quality of life through correct and adequate pain control, also the best management of our symptoms etc. Knowing our limitations also helps our quality of life.

Life may be different with Fibro, but it is possible to have a good life, even go in to remission and be symptom free, although this isn't guaranteed.

The biggest part of having Fibromyalgia in my opinion is trying to adapt and modify our lives where possible so that it doesn't end up dictating our lives.

Hope this helps. Take one day at a time, that's the secret of having Fibro and don't look too far ahead! :) xxx


I've not been diagnosed that Lon either n the last flare up was worst so far.....I was really depressed but now just try n take each day as it comes...other wise I feel I would go mad...fibro not nice....but its good 2 have friends in same 2 all.


Epsom salts n coconut oil do these help.?


where do i get Epsom salts from?I've tried before but Tesco hadn't heard of them.I'd love to soak in the bath but O.T only gave me a bath board which isn't as good.I'm not able to exercise.


Health food shops or chemists x




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