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Anyone know anything about HSP?

My daughter (almost 18) has this

She has had it for almost 3 weeks, this in addition to a diagnosis of Fybro and CFS.

my doctor claims the two are not related but they seem so similar I cannot see how not?

Has anyone else had any experience of this? She is in tears over the prognosis, pain and not to mention the horrible rash :-(

Any advice or experiences greatly appreciated :-)

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HSP is better known as Henoch Schönlein Purpura (HSP).

There are usually three key symptoms. The first is a characteristic rash of raised red/purple spots that do not disappear when you press on them. This can be very alarming for parents as it’s similar to the type of rash you see with meningococcal septicaemia (blood poisoning caused by meningococcal bacteria).

It is caused by tiny blood vessels (capillaries) near the surface of the skin becoming inflamed and damaged, and leaking blood into the skin.

An HSP rash is generally found in the lower part of the body – around the buttocks and lower legs. It can also appear on the body, face and hands. Once the rash has fully appeared it doesn’t come and go – it tends to stay for days or even weeks.

The second symptom is often abdominal pain. HSP can affect the gut, which might mean your daughter has stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting. In addition, many experience a third symptom of joint pains. The kidneys can also be affected, causing blood (often visible) and protein in the urine.

It’s not known exactly what causes it, but it often seems to follow on from a viral infection, such as a cold or respiratory tract infection, and is more common in the winter months. HSP is not an inherited disease and is not ‘catching’ so it cannot be passed on from person to person. HSP tends to affect children between the ages of 2-11.

Unfortunately there isn’t any specific treatment – only treatment of the symptoms. The condition usually settles down within around six weeks. The vast majority of children make a full recovery with no long-term effects.

For more info, please click on the link -

It is thought that some people get Fibromyalgia after a virus and a shock/trauma to the immune system, so I can see the similarity between HSP and Fibro in this respect. Also some of the symptoms are similar, pain, nausea, joint pains etc.


I am glad I found this to read as I had no idea what HSP was until I read the repky so far. I can only pray that things get better xxxxx


hi darcysam, I'm sorry to hear that your daughter has HSP. I think that it might be a form of vasculitis. if you click on "my communities" on the green banner at the top of the page, then click on "browse other communities" then type in vasculitis uk you will go to another helpful site like this one.

Here they have a useful pdf booklet called "the route map to vasculitis" which is an extremely useful tool that explains conditions, treatments, med's and side-effects.




Thank you Sandra. Very much appreciated :-)


I had HSP in 2005 it last about 6 weeks i was age 36 at the time and my doctor hadn't a clue wat i had hospital A&E diagnosed me said i developed it after strep throat infection! they gave me steroids to speed healing and regularly checked my kidney funcation at my docs. ps i think this is wat triggered my fibromyalgia!


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