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Omg im sooooooo tired!! Hate this bone chilling fibro weariness that envelopes us at will. Im just up after a restless night eyes are burning, hands and feet feel hot swollen and tingling and my silly neck has gone into another spasm necessitating the wearing of a neckbrace - so fashionable - not!! Ive got to go to work soon so Dear Lord if your listening grant me the ability to stay awake and not kill any of my co-workers through either tiredness or grumpiness :-) wishing you all an alert, painfree and fulfiling day whatever your up to.

Dixie xx

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Dixie you are so brave / determined to work with the problems you have plus not sleeping . Please don,t kill any co workers it will just take up up too much of your much needed energy..... Unless you just sneakily poison them all at coffee breaks...... ;)

Good luck for today

Hugs VG x


Dixie take courage you are amazing and your day will be good. Have you tried those small drinks that are full of gurana and stuff they are made by lucoazade and certainly help you stay alert

gentle hugs xgins


Hi gins and vg awwwww bless you your comments are soooo sweet dont feel brave and amazing at the min think im more akin to the 7 dawarfs sleepy nd grumpy in particular lol but i was watching a bit of Jerry springer before work and as always it makes me laughs my god where does he get these people from??? And we fibromites thought we had problems these chavs druggies hillbillies fetish freaks and all round general weirdos make ya feel almost normal lol

Dixie x


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