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my own little planet but come on its FRIIIIIIIDAY lets play out ladies and gents ? there anybody thererrrrrr hahah

my own little planet but come on its FRIIIIIIIDAY lets play out ladies and gents ? there anybody thererrrrrr hahah

So what you doing for your Friday and wkend ?? i am going to try dooooo hmmmm zilkoo and put my ickle tired feet up, play on tinterwizzie net & txt and try and ignore any work issues as non stop with Applicants for a position..

I like to be in with the girlies not be a 'Boss' and so i hate being treated differently ..although i have to play the Role when keeping under control lol..

So am listening to Real Radio..seems i am getting older hahah as i always a Massive Galaxy fan and loved Danny, hirsty and jojo in a morning and still do , been listening to that station for over 20 yrs yet am not one of the '9' listeneres huh dissapointed hahah, ohhh well theres more stations, so Pulse, and the above will do nicely ohhh and Hallam too.

They play such a variety and not repetetive chart topping tunes all day long.

I got to have a joke or 2 and love keeping my customers laughing too ! i feel like one of my elderlies so i fit in brilliantly and we have amazing giggles !!

Got footy tomoro near Halifax think near Queensbury hmm cannot remember but thats me all over ..where we going again........ so where we going again, what time..... who we playing again pmsl i should just tape it hahah.

Looking forward to hubbys sunday dinner already yummmeeeeeeee fill my tummeeee ohhh hang on its already full cos its over bloated and feels horrible i look pregnant!! :-/ it needs a pin popping in like a balloon so i can float around the room letting gas off..oooOOOo which brings me to say or ask does anyone let gas offf whilst around others but cnnot control it glad my girlies have humour!! i dont hide it though ;-) sorry if some are offended but better out than in as i will look like umpalumpa off charlie and chocky factory bubblegum girl vera? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

come on Gins, VG , and alll

song on Heart of Glass -Blondie ooOOOOoeeeeeeeeeee

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My husband bought home nandos and has said he is running me a lavender bath. Considering he just had to help my stinky self upstairs to the loo I owe him although it both made us laugh!

Apart from that, as I poorly I will be just watching some tv and surfing the net.

Have a lowly weekend fairy!


aww mrs cats that lovely ! not really had nandos if honest or i might of but not sure D'oh lol and yep even my hubby has said to me ..sweetheart i think you need your hair washing as the back of it looks like you jsut got out of bed bed hahaah ..i just said ohhh cool maybe ppl mite notice i aint alll that glam i used to keep up to hahah blaaa blaah neeed a wash give me a little scrub , the tubs upstairs, and calling out your name, what a shame i not game , i jsut sit n stinky winky ..sorry you not too good , me neither as end of week and i dare not stand as bit vertigo feeling and my tummy eeek what a freak ..Thanks xxxxxxx you look after yourself and put your feet up xx


whizz pop fizz bang from the BFG lol , i intend to do just what i want this weekend , may do lunch with hubby both days . i will NOT be ironing as i hate it , i will have a lie in come on here and chat to my friends hugs x


I would expect no less from you iris ;-D love our chats .. errrrm BFG ?? aza lost i am hehehe..

you go have lunch with hubby as i was saying that hubby and me should too but just not got round to it only i feel fore for it dureing the day hoh.

forget energy drinks to get me there lol as too much caffeine i will sleep eat hahah..

well i got fizzy wizzy lets get bizzy wine bubbles and only a little tho as much as i would enjoy to have just one special day to really let my hair down and make a silly fool of myself that all myfriends loved me for ..or did they hahaah ..

ironing ..whats ironing lol ..that is what the dryers for with one of them balls you stick water in but hybby hates it that much he binned the thing cos of the noice booooo

keep chatting as thats what we need xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zoooooommmm zoooom i can see you wizzing around heheh xx


BFG is big friendly giant by Roald Dahl xx


Having a family day tomorrow. Picking mum up, taking her out to lunch with youngest son and hubby too. Then bringing her back to our new house, eldest son and fiancee coming over. Will run mum back mid-evening, really looking forward to a lovely day tomorrow.

Quiet day on Sunday, unpacking more boxes, trying to get the house straight, moving smaller is no joke, so much stuff!

Will be here in our lovely forum both evenings! :) ;)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! :)


Sounds like a good idea liberty, a little stress reliever going out and having dinner with family instead of staying in and the thought of all the unpacking ! but your home will be home when all done and intime for Xmas too :-)

You never realise how much you have until you got to start packing and unpacking!

also you will be in need of good quiet Sunday so put your feet up the best you can as little is more in our eyes.. do little and even lesser hmmm.. or do a bit and sit down more hahah.

i wish i could come on here allll the time i just busy busy as you will be too and by time sit down feeel so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz no energies to perform lol x

Enjoy your dinner with mum and family will be so nice xxxx


I really fancy a Sunday roast now lol


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no dont you say mmmmmmm hahahhaha but yes rooooast potatoes (my fav) no one dare go near my plate lol and i save one or 2 for laters ..well i never ever eat a full sunday dinner i eat a bit and save the rest for later , bowl of serial for after or choccy pudding idea where my sweet tooth is coming from though as never ever been a sweet tooth , no wander i put on over a stone lol .

LYRICA!! boom boom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :-D xx


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