Hi everyone - I was just wondering if anyone has seen a psychologist to help with this illness. I've been off work for a month now and waiting to back to see my GP later to extend my sicknote. My husband (who is wonderful by they way) thinks it may help to see a psychologist to try and help with the "mental" side of fibro - the memory loss, lack of concentration etc. The rationale for this is hubby thinks my physical symptoms are being addressed (albeit they don't always work), but the other "head" problems are not. I can see his point, although I'm not sure that it would help, I know full well that this is a an illness which needs to be managed not cured, but is this course of action really the way to go? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Love to you all and gentle warm hugs.

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  • If you can why not give it go.... I remember saying to my rheumatologist he could chase me round the room with a feather duster if it would cure me...don't ask me how we even got onto the subject of feather dusters but if you think it might help go for it and if you do let us know if it does help

    VG x

  • Thanks verygrumpy. I would like to have been a fly on the wall at your appointment with your rheumatologist if that's the sort of thing you discuss!!!! LOL. Also hats off to you for being able to run around the room!!! I can't even get my GP to refer me back to the rheumatologist so I'm not holding out hope for much support or a referral to a psychologist. I'll report back later once I've seen my GP at lunch time.

  • Heehee, VG ... I suppose that if Brad Pitt were wielding the feather duster, it would certainly make any of us lady members feel a whole lot better!

    On a serious note, Fleurmp, I think you should give it a go.

    The 'talking cures' such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are recognised as gold standard in the treatment of both mental and physical disorders, because they help you to make the best of what you are faced with.

    I used to work in Psychiatry, and all staff were expected to attend CBT sessions because it was realised that we needed a chance to talk about, and to deal with our own feelings when we were working with really disturbed patients on a day-to-day basis.

    CBT was a bit of a revelation to me, as it answered questions I'd been struggling with for years. I have been much more self-possessed and serene since this experience, which has helped me to cope with my life in general, and with my fibro, so I would certainly encourage you to give this psychologist a fair chance.

    Very best wishes, and I hope that you have a positive experience.

  • My doctor was talking about me seeing a psychiatrist the other day as I've been up and down for years and years,I've written a blog post about it. I'm having counselling at the mo and I find that does really help. Good luck with whatever you decide :)

  • Ok ok so I exaggerated about the running.. But the feather duster was true.... The rheumatologist retired very shortly after I still wonder if I had been too much for him

    VG x

  • Thank you all for your comments - my GP has now agreed to send me back to rheumatologist and for counselling. I'm really glad as I'm happy to try anything. My GP is of the opinion that I'm struggling more with adjusting to my "new life with fibro" than the pain and to an extent I'd agree with me. He's signed me off work for another month so hopefully I'll get my counselling sessions soon. I'm also waiting for a referral to Occupational Health in work so hopefully between everything, I should see an improvement at some point.

  • It sounds like everything is happening for you Fleur, at least the medical professionals are listening and you are getting the treatment and support you need. Your GP sounds supportive and understanding and that's worth it's weight in gold, too many times we hear of GP's not realising their patients' plight, so I am so pleased yours is listening and realising.

    Seeing Occupational Health is good too because they will support you through being off sick from work and discuss the support you're getting etc.

    I hope it all goes well for you Fleur and you start to feel better really soon. If there's any worries or concerns that crop up, please feel free to ask and we will always do our best to help and support you in any way we can. :)

    Take care, here's a hug for you (((hug))) xx

  • Thanks Lib - it does all seem to be going the right way at last. I have felt very unsupported by my GP, but I think having me in tears in his surgery his morning opened his eyes to just how bad I was feeling. Hope you are ok. Thanks for the hug and here's one back for you, xx

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