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Any support groups in Lisburn Northern Ireland

Hi all

Does anyone know of any support group in Lisburn? I have started struggling with driving too far so really need one that is close by. Really need some support other than my family. Husband is awesome but I think the grown up kids have started to tire of the days where I am totally exhausted and struggling to move around.

Today I am hobbling with my right knee after it dislocated last week, now in a support until I see the consultant at start of December. Left calf is in spasm so you can imagine the hilarious sight I make when hobbling along.

Had the grand total of 90 mins sleep last night, so I am now walking along on no energy full stop :(

Here's hoping someone knows of one somewhere


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Hello there Deb, if you click on the link below it will give you information from our main site about support groups in Northern Ireland. I hope it's helpful. -

I hope your knee feels better soon, sounds very painful, you poor thing. Try to get as much rest as you can, you will benefit as well as your knee.

I sympathise with you over having grown up children, I feel exactly the same. They have become used to Mum with Fibro and it's all a bit of a pain isn't it. I often think as long as I am upright they don't notice anything, even if I'm horizontal I am convinced they think I will be upright soon lol! Kids hey! ;)

Here's a hug for you (((hug))) xx


Hi Deb

The only support group is in Newry. Quite a bit away from us.

I cant drive too far at the moment either.

Luv & Hugs



Hi Deb, I live in Lisburn and am not aware of any support groups in the area. There was a support group for disabled women in Ballymacoss direction (Rushmore). I cant remember the name of it, I went couple times and few of them were fibro sufferers. I just didn't feel completely comfortable in group as they were all lot older than me (60+) and I was only late 30s at time. Not sure if its still running but I will try and find out for you if you are interested. Hope you get some rest and comfort from your knee soon xx


Hi nanaanna

I can't believe how little there is over here. Where in Lisburn are you? We are up the top of pond park. I was beginning to think I was only one here in Lisburn. It is so nice knowing that there is someone out there who knows what it is like. By the way I am late 40's LOL



I do not have any support other than that of my family and GP. After 26 years I find that is enough for me. I do hope you find a support group nearer to where you live xxxxx


Hi Debs, r not 2 far from me. I'm in Lambeg just off Moss rd and will b 46 new yrs day but feel bout 86 tonite. One of my grannys was in her late 80s and other 90 when they died and were in better shape than I've been past few wks.At least they were able 2 look after themselves, at min I can't even make myself a cuppa cos kettles 2 heavy 2 lift. Must admit I'd be lost without my hubby and family. R u on facebook? Yes its nice to know others know and understand what its like to live with this xx


Yes I am on Facebook. Debbie Williams my profile pic is of my late father


how i to was loolking for a support goup in lisburn but had know luck. it was when my daughter give me this laptop that i put in fibrom i could nt believe how many poeple had this and how many live in lisburn and no support. the only thing my doctor give me was a address in groomport and a phone number that no one answer.for years poeple don t know what i was talking about. it good to know someone know what u or talking about and understand.for give my spelling but am not good at it.:) lol


Pulling this out of the hat now. Maybe we could meet up and have coffee and support one another. Even if its just in the cafe at tesco. There are times when you need more than family to talk to. We now know there's three of us at least.


hi thank u for gettting back to me .but am sorry to say there is more then myself in lisburn. i know of two more poeple who have this and like myself dont know were to trun for help or even some one to talk to.fibro and be a very lonely illnes becaues not many poeple know about it. as u well know urself.


Maybe in the new year we could arrange a coffee meeting just so we know there are other people suffering. I am having a bad day today, joints are continually aching and extremely stiff.


i am sorry to here u r not to good today.i know what it is like and what ever you do nothing really help s.if only we could have just one day without any pain would nt it be great.any how yes thank u i would like to go for a coffee in the new year ll ask the two woman if they would like to come if so i will let u know .


i really dont know if this is the right page or not, i have worte before on this page asking about support group in lisburn and someone was kind to answer me.but apart from that i have not comment until now. i have been looking that things poeple have been wrtieing and realize some of things poeple or saying is hiting home to me .i was told years ago that i had fibro put had to pay for a doctor to tell me because my own doctor didnt know. so 500 pounds lighter and a mri they said yes i did have it also i have orther thing wrong as well. so there give me dla for 3 year but when it came to get it again they said no which i could understand as i still had the same things worng with me and if anything things or really bad now.everthing i go to do it is harder and u get so up set and anger with urself . i do beleave u cannot talk toi some one who has never had it does not really understand. if some doctor dont know what it is how can ur family friends start to understand. am going to fill in the dli form again and see what happend.also i know of a doctor on the moira road who know about fibro and he is good am told. asfor groups in lisburn no but there is one in belfast i wirte to them ,they sent me infor telephone number and what time there groups were on and if i need more help to give them a call. look am sorry for going on and my spelling not good so ll say bye for now hope someone will get back to me . thats if u can understand this lol x


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