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Stupid family

Im so fed up today. my daughter never got me up or tried to make my doctors appt that I really needed since the weekend. I asked her 3 times, and my horrible boyfriend called me lazy last night and I thought I did well doing the dishes and making the place look tidyish. I've ran out of pain killers and Im stressed. I wish these would realise Im not lazy and moody and misrable, Im f**king ill. I havent been out the house since my last Doctors appointment and Im getting so lonely. My family havent half upset me!!

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oh hun so sorry you are struggling so much, i am afraid i can't pop in and help but i can send you comforting healing hugs, take care x


i know how you feel, you shouldn't have to ask for permission to be ill,my parents live 250 miles away ,treated me bad and abused me ,don't give a damn that i am ill,mum has now gone into a home and i rarely bother now with them as all they do is slag each other off and anyone else in their wake,,my partner is there for me physically ,but for some strange reason struggles to be there emotionally so i feel pretty much on my own emotionally so i know what you feel like, i can understand how you feel,i think your daughter and partner should count their blessings they have their health, and try to help you more ,maybe try sitting down with them both and explain you don't want to fight and argue,and it is not sympathy you want but you need more understanding, after all you are a person not a thing ,and you should never have to apologise for being ill, until recently i was always apologising to my partner for being ill,but a few weeks ago i took control and decided that i wasn't going to do that anymore, sending you a big hug, hope things go on alright( i may be speaking out of turn but i think you daughter and partner should be less self absorbed and pull their weight and appreciate you) xx YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!!


Hi I have the same problem as you,it is hard enough being ill without the added fact that your family etc think you are faking it or just lazy!!

My daughter says I dont want to hear any negativity,you need to count your blessings....." Oh yes what are they then " well dont want to hear you or anyone moaning!! When you have something to moan at thats OK,but its the same old same old Mum,"Oh sorry but its here and doesnt go away! " So now I dont phone!! end of!!

I wish I could wave a majic wand for all of us and all would br sorted out. But I can't so I will just send you ((((((((((((((((((((((((Gentle Fluffy Hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Chin's up we are all here and supporting each other.

Rainbowdancer x x x


I know Rainbowdancer, but I try not to fall out with them. My youngest is 16 so she is a cow anyway. lol x


Sorry to hear your family are not being supportive. It must be so hard. My OH is supportive by helping me out, but emotionally he doesn't understand what I'm going through. But he tries so am lucky that way. Other members of my family just don't undetstand, " your 28, stop acting old get on with it" which really hurts.

Hope your family find some understanding for you

Gentle hugs



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