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Medication and Kidneys

I have had fibromyalgia for many years also arthritis for 35 years. Over that time I have taken many different kinds of tablets ranging from ibroferon to naproxen. I also had my thryroid gland removed about 15 years ago. I have to have routine blood tests to check my

thryroid levels and it was one of these tests that showed that all the tablets I have taken over the years have damaged my kidneys to such an extent that the Doctor will no longer give me any tablets other than telling me to go to the chemist and buy some nurofen. So now I am in a catch 22 position, no tablets for pain and recovering kidneys or tablets and dying kidneys. it really is a day at a time. My worst problem is not the pain but the fact I get so clumsy and I stumble a lot, in fact recently I fell through a doorway and broke a knuckle. You know you have to see a funny side otherwise you would foll over and die

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I am like you but for different reasons,,, I am allergic to so many meds including the ones you have mentioned I only have night meds and survive through the day on basically nothing... I have arthritis and fibro in the last year have fallen many times managed to break 4 ribs so far

Ok I may have saved my kidneys but not much use having working kidneys when the rest of me doesn't work.. I really hate fibro and arthritis

VG x


I moved in with my sister and her husband last year ( after losing my husband) and she has also been diagnosed with fibro so we are understanding of each other, now her poor hubby on the other hand is beside himself haha !!!. My sister and I suffer in different ways she gets very tired more so than me and she takes many meds, recently though after my bloods she cut back on her tablets and actually does feel a little better on the whole. Sometimes we are out walking together and we will bump into one another which is quite funny, singing weebles wobble but they don't fall down.( you have to be a certain age to remember that). Its very hard to stay positive sometimes, but this site really helps me from thinking no-one understands. Broken bones you can see but fibro is invisible. Keep your chin up X


I to feel clummsey at times, and am only taken Amitiptyline 10mg and co-codamol if pain is bad or paracetamol which don't really do nothing I would prefer not to take to much meds,because one day I might need them more then now..(if that makes any sence!) I to am widowed nearly 8 yrs now,have a son home with me but I don't think he understands ,but he his going through pain at the moment (so mab'e he does!) due to have a op on his ankle next month..I also have 4 sisters the youngest is the most closes to me,because she's suffering with Arthritis as well,and she's a nurse..and we try and do walks together and laugh at silly things we do..and we do some daft things I can tell you.!.lol I work at a local supper market on the check outs,but I'm off sick at the mo have had a virus which have knocked me back a bit plus copping with my aches and pains and tiredness,just wish I could afford to cut my hours back now :-( I do 30hrs a week but due to retire next year..:-)..Hope I didn't go on to much ((warm hugs)) xx


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