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Physio looks promising but hard going!!

Hi just popped on here to let you all know that I at last made it to my Physio/Rheumatologest ( Not sure of spelling ) after being sent to Bath,thenSalisbury ,then they cancelled ...and at last today I was seen by someone. Only taken 8 months + .

I arrived in my scooter and the guy said how long have you been in a chair or scooter,and I explained the pain I was in I was not going anywhere so we bought it, because it saved my husband pushing me ,as he has spondilitis of the spine,and Ostio and Rheumatoid arthritis. He then asked how long I have been in a chair and I said only about three times,but to walk is so painful.( My scooter however has been a god send to me this week for appointments) he then wrote bits down and said your muscles have got so weak because you have used a chair or scooter,you now need to build them up again.

He then asked me if I could show him how I walk and I walked the length of the bed then had to sit down!! Then after a while get up and walk back to my scooter. (I was in agony! ) he said well that was OK not too bad! Now I want you to lift your leg up out straight and point your toes,I explained if I do that my leg goes into muscle spazm.The other leg I cannot lift off the ground at all. So he gave me home work .....lift your R leg up to your chest 12 times...then your L 12 times then,leg straight on both legs and lifted 12 times.each leg......then sit on a chair and get up and then sit down very slowly in control!! 12 times....and I need to do this 3 times a day.....Oh and it will proberbly make your fibro worse....can it actually get worse than acute 18/18 :-(

I looked at him horrified,at the moment I can do about 2 on my left leg with bent knee.....and none on my R leg at all. The only way I can get out of a seat is with my stick in one hand and my husband literally pulling me up. So I just have to try! So my GOAL is to be able to do 36 repartitions by the time I see him again in 5/6 weeks :-)

Today I also re-newed my swimming spa membership, so I can go in the warm water everyday if I want's hoping that will help too. we took my scooter right along the pool side...and to be honest I can't wait to go. :-) I will keep you all up to date.

Tomorrow OT are coming here to see what they can do to the house to help as my husbands Dr was getting worried it was all too much for him,as he has PTSD ,and it used to be me looking after him......Mind you he is much more patient than I was when I looked after him and my mother!!

Enough of my waffelling :-)

Gentle (((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))) hope you are all managing best you can and thanks for being there for me x xx

Rainbowdancer x x x

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what a day! -- you've got some homework now ;) THE ONLY WAY IS UP!! hang in there!!

i think the spa sounds great and i hope you get to go in often.

good luck with the OT for your and your husband.

best wishes, jackie x


Thanks Jackie yes they came and are coming back on thurs,I am off to the pool for 20 minutes catch up again and thanks for your best wishes.

Hugs x x Whitetornado x x x


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