Have you won appeal based on Fybromyalgia

I am attending my 3rd DLA appeal at the end of the month but I dont know if Degenerative disc disease and Fybromyalgia will be enough. I was asked last time if I could make a sandwich and being honest I said yes. But I couldnt this weekend, one of my worst so far. I didnt realise you have to describe your worse day and I have picked up a few tips from here. Does anyone have any ideas the best way to appeal, because I have always worked and I dont know how to convince benefits I should be entitled. People I know who get it are alcoholics and workshy liars, and Im not a good liar!!

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  • well i personally would say that most of the time you need help with everything and how much pain you feel and relevent stuff like that. Im still waiting for my appeal date ,so good luck at yours.i hope it all goes well for you!

  • hi yes i won my case in august after 18 months, i have fibro and arthritis,so it is worth fighting for it,good luck annex

  • I'm sorry you're having problems getting DLA but I have to pick you up on your comment about 'alcoholics' and 'workshy liars'. I have worked in the past with people with drug & alcohol problems and many of them had been sexually abused as children. It makes me sad and angry that the government are pedalling these myths and ideas of the deserving and undeserving poor and people are believing them. Disability fraud is miniscule. But it is all widely exaggerated in the Tory press to justify ideological spending cuts. The same goes for screeching headlines about the 'workshy'. The government will win and disability benefits will be harder if the government are allowed to win with their divide and rule tactics. So we need to stick together, challenge the myths, and challenge the real fraudsters - the bankers, the CEOs, the MPs who are taking away our entitlements.

  • I think I have to agree with you Kirby, you sum things up in a very articulate way ;) I think though that we should try to avoid straying into the political arena here as the site guidelines ask us not to discuss matters of a political nature. Somebody will inevitably be offended.

    On a more positive note Realsorelady have you looked at the benefit guides from the works and pensions people? They are available free from the admin team on this site. If you send them a message they will email them to you. I found them really very helpful when I completed the forms for DLA and I would strongly urge you to look at their website as well as read the guides. Good luck and all best wishes to you. Jane x

  • Hi,May i comment on both sides of this discussion,speaking with knowledge of abuse from a parent i feel i should say something here ,while i am not looking to add fuel to anyone's fire i feel that there are people who abuse the system me personally i know several and now that i find myself in the system i have had my eyes open to the "tricks" used to scam and yet i was really nervous of going to Atos for esa even though my medical conditions have reduced my life and myself by half but if i had of given a good day as an example then i doubt i would have got esa even though i felt humiliated by the experience.While i am sympathetic with those poor souls who turn to substances to block out life i am not in agreement of people who scam the system as many have researched the system and are clever enough to know the answers on what can and cannot be proven.Yes there is government statements and findings that are inaccurate and misleading and yes there are people who successfully scam the system so to me both sets of people are in the wrong for different reasons.I myself have not yet got the mental strength to apply for dla or face any appeals but if and when i do i will fight for what i believe is right as i would rather have my old self back than live this existence which i do not want nor would wish upon anyone.I wish you all a very good day and to lady with dla appeal good luck and to kirby well done i commend you on your past work xx

  • Thanks for your answers, I am well aware there are plenty of genuine people claiming benefits and I am also aware that there are many not so genuine. Being abused myself in more ways than you can imagine, I can understand your point kirby but I have seen over many years that alot of people think the benefits system is theres to dip into as much as they can, and I cant honestly say I know anyone who hasnt lied or exaggerated. I worked since I left school and when I had to go on benefits I have found it to be very hard and I know what it is like not to be able to afford food. But some on benefits still have lots left to go out or buy drugs or drink and I still feel there is a real problem with the mentality of dole head kids watching mum and dad never work and continue to have many children. I became more biased when I was classed as dole scum, cos thats how you feel sometimes the way they treat you. I have had one person only in four years who supported me and that is out of many contacts. I am not someone who usually rants about these things, its just what I know from experience. I was a civil servant and I have seen alot, even well off cheat and lie.

  • I went to tribunal in July after appeal and appeal. I was awarded the lowest rate as they could not tell exactly what my care and mobility issues as accurately as year previous and was told on award letter to apply for a suppression as condition continues to deteriorate. Am still waiting, even though have sent details of care plan over 50 different type of evidence, they are still asking more questions, that in paperwork they have the answer to. Seems like they are trying to make people give up. Luckily I have a colleague working with me and acting on my behalf, who won't let me give up.

    If you do have any issues with dealing with this type of benefit proof, google to see if you have a local advocacy service that can help with your fight. if you are getting stressed by it all as they can act on your behalf and chase up and attend meetings if you need.

    Good luck

  • If anyone would like the guides to DLA and ESA from Benefits and Work, email info@fibroaction.org.

    If you haven’t already seen it, this page may also be of use:


    If you find details of any further information resources you would like on the Benefits and Work website, then let me know (by email) as we should be able to access these for free for you.

  • morning all. it took me a very long time to win the mobilty part of dlabut that waswith 4 appeals over 4 yrs,was awared low rate care, my sitution got worse now with help with pearsonel care ,but im frightened if i put in for more care i may loose my mobilty ,iv been awarded dla indefantley ..should i just keep it as it is .

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