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Sleep I wish

I bogged up in Last blog said I aint slept right since Tuesday my last night of semi ok sleep was Thursday Last Week not this week,

This week has been really really bad, we had our gorgeous grandson frrom Saturday till Tuesday, I never sleep well when he's over but shock horror I don't tend to wake up with him anymore I did when he was smaller up till he was about 8-10 months, but now my sleeps through world war III hubby he wakes up with him maybe it something to do with all my meds and maybe its because he's 51 this year I don't know but I'm not knocking it if itt means I get that extra hour in bed trying to sleep.. Ah well I am definitely going to sleep now as I can have some ouromorph plus I'm still nodding off only now its worse plus if I don't soon I'm gonna throwup and I don't fancy spending the rest of my day doing that so its nap time for this old decrepid granny, granma nanna nan but never nanny inot a goat to cwote my mum I don't even mind grammy but never never never nanny I aint a goat so ttfn .sithy grammy grams nanna love to all great big gentle hugs to all. Ttfn peeps.

Well I'm really pigd off I tried to send this particular blg last night seems it didn't work or it did I don't know, here's what happened I tried to log on with my phone it came up network unavailable, there is an old version of this page do you wish to veiw it, or words to that effect so I clicked yes and this blog popped up so you my get it twice.

Not that I ever sign out of this wonderful site alright you got me I can never remember my password. The reason I loged on so early in the day is this, A, I never got much sleep in the first place but I never get up if I can't sleep, somthing my mmother drummed in to me as a child lay in bed long enough and you'll fall asleep, plus I don't like to be up on my own incase I fall, that's probably the main reason,there I go again wandering of topic again maybe I should change my name to wanderer, anyway gettin bqck to topic the reason I'm here so early is, A I can't sleep and B hat a small spat with hubby I forgot to make an appointment for my asthma review so he started banging in about me always forgetting to make appointments to which I replied that as I keep forgetting to make appointments he shoud take over making them because I can never remember what other appointments we have and what days and times are clear, it sounds like a sensible solution to me , well ttfn gonna try to get some kip think I may have to see doc about some sleepers but I need my amitryptoline for leg cramps there I go wafferling on again shutting up now ttfn big gentle huggs . Sithy

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Hi Sithy I so wish you were better, spats with OH if we didn't have at least one a day I would worry.... He can't understand what I am saying and he doesn't ever do what he is told by gp and after this op he's reverted to a toddler if I say stop don't lift that one more time I may well go online and buy him a staghtjacket. Please go to gps .... Mine has given me a 6 weeks course of emergency meds to be only taken when needed cos I am having to do so much more than normal. Have had to take them a few times Take someone with tou your gp cant ignore 2 people saying you need sleep if that does fall on deaf ears go to chemist tell him your meds and see if he can prescribe something over the counter to make you sleep... My pharmacy were very good and pointed out once that taking two meds at the same time cancelled each other out... Didn't say on instructions neither did gp tell me ... Staggering them by two hours made a lot of difference

Good luck

Hugs VG x


I'd have a problem If I got one of those hed use it on me lol. Sithy


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