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happy satdy everyone not over excited but smiling will do how is everyone doing ????

happy satdy everyone not over excited but smiling will do how is everyone doing ????

Hi all not get much chance to get on regular as always busy with work and home and have to use my phone to do any postings, so now i am on laptop in my dressing gown as i did not get up until 2pm today, although i woke up at 10.47 am WOW i must of needed the sleep is all i can say.

WEnt to Dr yesterday as over a couple of months i think my leg has been swelling i have mentioned this and with my foot going blue too, but the Dr thinks TEndonitis (no i have not had an injury i said) lol my foots have a pulse so not Thrombosis phew but i have to keep an eye on it as everytime i am stood on my feet it starts to swell and it goes from ankle up my leg it only started as a burst blood vessel in my toes and more thread veins appearing on top of my foot,

i get one blue foot and one white foot and cannot feel a thing.

she felt my ankle and the one that swells feels numb around the ankle but the other foot tickled more so no idea ! told her i always doped up on painkillers and Lyrica i would not know anything lol

it is painful on ankles and my feet hurt to walk on anyway, i drive a lot and amn always on my feet alll day.

Dr said rest up as much as can hmm and ice packs and given me some anti inflamatory gel and to get a support sock for my ankle/leg ..gosh how many times have i needed these over the years for my body and legs.

Now...the other thing which am speechless about is ... my 12 yr old daughter has beautiful long dark hair almost to her waist she has big blue eyes and cheeky dimple and yesterday i felt so unwell i laid up my head had men stomping around in it causing a compressive headache and feeling sick and i could not even make a sandwich as the pain in hands and throbbing in cold too, my arms, shoulders and neck i said to dDr its like its all inflamed again but really bad i was in tears yesterday (they came to me i did not ask they just trickled ) bit like when rain comes never ask it just invites itself haahah, so was feeling really rough from head to foot!

my daughter decided she would get scissors and start cutting off dead ends (did not ask permission) and she cut it so wonky dad ended up having to try to straighten it the best he could it meant it was nearly to her shoulders now, so she tried to put up in a pony and she hated it!!! she went online and chose a picture of a hairstyle as she so could not walk around looking a mess she said lol ..well how short was this hairstyle..ayyyy by gum i so not sure as only 12yrs old all that beautiful hair she had, well she slept on on it and woke up and said mum thats it i am going for it and nope do not try to persuade me other wise i will not hear of it'! i just dont have it in me to argue , i simply said ' why not blend some thing in with the length you got '? NO stop trying to change me cos it wont!!!

she went off to local hairdressers got booked in this after noon and did it... ohhhh myyyy i cried when she came home lol but she still is my beautiful little girl who is a little Tomboy and she loves her new cut! the hairdressers were shocked as they said most girls her age go in and sit in chair and then back out and cannot do it ..but nope she just said get on with it and do it like that picture! .

dad loves it too, ohh she is such a daddys girl hahah ..i know my daad would freak if i cut all my hair off hahah .

My hubby loves short hair so tt having short hair is fine whereas my dad loves long hair .


I going to catch up with messages and if any

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I had mine cut at 14/15. I could sit on it and wanted it short. the hairdresser refused and cut it to shoulder length. this was in the early seventies and she did a layer cut like david cassidy's!




Thanks Sandra,

well i guess i should allow her to experience what she wants and not what i think is best as later in life she could curse me for it lol , i was 16 when i had my hair done, i wanted a long spiral perm and they gave me a trainee after i explained to the main hairdresser, i sat there and next thing the lass had hold of my hair in a pony form and just got scissors and cut!! i was WTF now we have short abbreviations haah then it was different. i came home crying my eyes out and could not get over for a long time, so i did a 'Madonna' look with lacy ribbons and lacy gloves hahaah it soon grew and had length to shoulders, then in my 30's i used glue in extentions and this in no time made my hair grow but not after much 'it will ruin your hair ' it actually did the opposite!

in the profile pic was my hair after taking extensions out it was in lovely condition! i am nearly black silky anyway, but now its more dry and i have extreemly thin hair.. really in need of a pampering as i dont have the strentgh anymore to get my hands up to do it :-(

waiting my lashes doing too whisping out at the edges as i dont have much eyelashes... i will want pampering till am 90 hahha but eveything you do you have to pay for ! huh hahahah and the things i do for nothing for everyone ..well to an extent heheeh xxxx


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