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well flipping eck!!

hi everyone,im not sure if i should write a not sure what the difference is lol..anyway i had my second tribunal on the 26th friday,i had enough supporting evidence,from my doc and mental health nurse,also a letter from ATOS appologising for the descrepancies in my medical!!!! i think that was a miricle in its self..anyway i got a letter today saying my benifits stay the same HRM and gratefull i didnt have it taken away as they kept saying i might,but i was holding out for middle rate as my health has deteriorated a lot this last 12 months,i rang the court and asked them to send me the judges statement explaining his reasons,as by the points of law i should get middle rate as i need help at least twice in the night,as my legs and arms go numb when iv slept making it impossible to stand hence i have accidents,,so if they thought i would just buzz off they are very much mistaken! im tired of fighting but i think we have to make a stand,im 63 this xmas do they really think i would be doing all this faffing if i didnt need help! whatch this space folks,,the social worker asked why i didnt wear a pad in the night so my son doesnt have to help me! so they know i need help!..but i said im not incontinant thank you very much..i just have accidents coz i cant get moving in time,,i think that was disgusting to ask me that i should just lie there and pee myself!! yuk..i keep you all posted....xxxxxxxxxx

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All the best...this social workers comment was out of order and knowbody should have to wear a pad and pee themselves if there is another way....I would also write and complain about this comment as she could be saying the same to other and there could be others who are just going with the flow in terms of care and to make life easier for the powers that care ect


hi, yes i have to put in writing that i require a letter explaining their reasons so think i will put that in about the pads,thanks....i told my doctor who knows about my feelings about pads etc he laughed his hea off,he said oh my god they said that to the wrong person! i was leaving his room he said.oh jennifer..yes i said..he replied i buy you some pads for xmas! you can imagine my repky lol i keep you posted xx


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