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Does anyone find it difficult to adjust to the hour difference when we change the clocks?

I hate it when we move the clocks by an hour -- when we moved it back an hour my body doesn't seem to realise and I am now waking up an hour early every morning (what happened to my extra hour staying in bed?!!) My brain is saying "go back to sleep" and my body is saying "No you have to wake up and get out of bed". How can I make my body adapt to this? I don't need an alarm clock because uncannily my body seems to wake up at the same time each morning (and that's an hour too early!) -- this definitely does not help with my "tiredness" symptoms :( xx

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Oh my goodness how I agree. You wouldn't think an hour could make such a difference, but me and mine were falling asleep last night in the chair,never do that normally. Wouldn't it be great if the powers that be decided we would leave them alone. We have a natural body clock and this doesn't like being messed about with. Roll on bedtime lol x


hi bodyclocks lol... yes i am just the same, only i awake every 2 hours, so permanently worn out. its the plumbing lol... if you know what i mean .... love soma x


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