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Hi,For the past week or so i have been having severe itching in my legs from ankle to thighs which are very sore and tender when touched?

I have rings of bruising around my ankles and thighs from last week and newer one are really large and a deep reddish color it looks like i have been mauled by some type of beast yet when scratched/rubbed still no relief from itch.I have taken piriton and antihistermine tablets with little effect any ideas?Thanks ,jo

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Morning try very hard not to scratch then a warm not hot soak in water with a little salt nothing that might make you itch more. Loose cotton clothes help it sounds like how my ulcers started so do take care not to puncture the skin keep putting moistureise on and trying to build resistance in the sking layers. I have just spent five weeks having my leg dressed twice a week and now I am using Diprobase as a moisturiser it is lovely and calming.

Good luck xgins


Hi Gins,Thank you for response i am off to doctors in a few minutes so hopefully they will tell me what it is and why it's happening.I have no rashes nor spots or even raised lumps so i am t the sheer extent of angry bruising is worrying.I will follow any advice given here or at docs as it's driving me crazy or crazier than i am at the best of times.XX


I get what I assumed were heat lumps when the weather turns from hot to cold then again when it changes from cold to hot.... Like I have been bitten and they itch like crazy once I have scratched them till they bleed they immediately stop itching and heal up.. If I ignore them they refuse to stop itching and get larger until I give in and attack them...I have no idea what they are but always get them when the weather changes .... Yeah I now it's crazy to assume they are heat lumps when the weather has gotten colder but that's the only y I can describe them.... Have you mentoined it to your gp ... If you do please could you post and let us know what it is... I,ve had it for over 15 years usually twice a year so I know mine isn't life threatening .. I have shown the gp over the years but as we had cats he said flea bites !!!!!! Insulting my cats... Anyway don't have any pets now and moved house and it's still happens twice a year

Good luck



Hi v.g i thank you for the reply but i have no spots or rashes just very tender and sore skin that itches when scratched or rubbed as it too sore to scratch at times it just leaves massive bruising so i am not sure if it is the same as your symptoms xxx


Went to doctors what a waste of time i was asked daft questions like did you hurt yourself ,had any falls? bruising to backs of legs and front of thighs.Doc could not find any reason for bruising gave me antibiotics which i am not going to take as i doubt if the bruising is an infection of any kind also i have to wait until tomorrow for a blood test as she thinks it may be blood clotting lets hope its not as i could kick the bucket in between grrrrrrr don't you just love fibro and doctors


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