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I failed my DLA claim

I got my DLA results back for my claim,they got information from my ESA medical didn't write to my doctor for medical reports,well I failed higher rate because I can walk slowly with a walking stick but I'm in a lot if pain,I've asked for a review or appeal and told them to write to my doctor after the ESAMedical I went for a MRIscan found out I've also got 6 prolasped disc,degenerated disc disease,restless leg syndrome and fibo,going to adult pain management soon,I have told them in my review or appeal I'm considering using a wheelchair as I can't walk far no more with out being in chronic pain,I can't bend down or walk up and down a kerb whilst out,has anyone got any advice or could help me if I don't pass the review then I've to go tribunal or is they any groups in Blackburn area,

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I can't help but I have worked out that if you can walk no matter how far or in how much pain the dla refuse you... I use two sticks and a mobility scooter in the last 12 months I have fallen twice cracking ribs both times and to. Top it off I fell in the garden yesterday afternoon and cut my leg open from knee to ankle... Not deep , but blooming sore, I only get low rate dla for the. Arthritis in my hands, they ignore the fibro they Ignore my arthritis in my knees and ankle... I have a review in June and I am not hopeful of even holding onto that at all... I hope someone comes along with more info for you cos it's just not fair

VG x


Hi I don't have an answer but I failed my review. Having been on middle rate for both components for 3 years since diagnosed with disco after my review nearly a year ago they reduced me to lower rate for both. I appealed immediately and was told the appeal would take at least a year. I am still waiting. I am sure they refuse most people because there are some who just don't have the strength to appeal and just give up. I had my dla and incapacity benefits reduced and due to my daughters age, child tax credit and child benefit stopped, resulting in my income being reduced by £200 per month. I now really struggle to cope and suffer with depression much worse than before. Everything feels so hopeless. With the constant pain and fibro symptoms I sometimes feel why bother. I am 55yrs old and don't have a partner and know I am unlikely to meet anyone as I am unable to go out much. I am sorry I didn't mean to go off on a rant!


Im afraid i cant help either,but i have been refused dla now for 3 years and have decided enough is enough and im not going to sit at home worrying about and as i feel its something im entitled to im appealing this last decision..As with you i struggle with kerbs,and a comment on my dla refusal is that they cant pay anyone because they cant get on and of kerbs ,which i thought was quite bitchy.Iseldom go out of the house because i cant walk far @ cant stand for too long without being in agony,im scared of falling or not being able to complete whatever im doing(one day i went to the bank in town,i was only parked around the corner,took me ages to get there and as i was making my way back i was in so much pain so couldnt manage another step..i eventually made it bacvk to the car,but im scared of going out on my own)..worrying about benefits has made my depression worse and now i get panic attacks,ive also got copd,and under my doctor for all of this but she wont support my claim for the dla appeal,which of course adds to the depression..But im not going to give up.The CAB have been very helpful and the advisor looked through all my paperwork and she thinks that i have enough evidence and will come with me to the appeal,which makes it a littlt easier for me..Dont give up,find someone who can help you and appeal ..good lukk...xx


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