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Back to work tomorrow,don't want to go bed yet!:(

well iv just had 6 wks of sick and it's back to work as a cleaner tomorrow in a hospital,i start at 8 so will need to be up at 6.15,I couldn't even get myself dressed till lunchtime today!its only 6 hours but its gonna feel like a lifetime,I had been given another 2 wks off but wages this month had changed to basic pay,meaning I was £300 short!so I have to go back,I just realy don't want to go to bed yet because the next time I wake up iv got to get straight up and go,almost like in the night a fairy has sprinkled fairy dust over me so my pain has gone and I've got so mutch energy I shall skip up the hospital corridor smiling and saying 'good morning everyone,I've missed you all and I'm so happy to be back'!and to make things just even more dandy my partner and have decided tonight to split after 5 yrs,things been tense for a while,a lot of it is to with him not understanding my fibro and me deciding that I'm a burdon phsically and financially,there's a lot more but too mutch to write,anyway as you can imagine feeling pretty low already before even getting to work!

Sorry just wanted to get this off my chest.xx

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Oh honey I do feel for you and I will be in the same boat soon. 6am ouch! I hope you asked for a phased return. Hope things go OK for you tomorrow - will be thinking of you and I'm sorry to hear about the break-up of your relationship, that must be so stressful for you.

Hope that fairy visits you soon but here's an extra sprinkling of fairy dust for you. Now don't go running anyone over whilst skipping down that corridor will ya!

Take care

Storm x


Cheers storm,had just finished phased return then started having odd few days off then 6 wks,works been ok,being the NHS we both have to follow the right procedures,no doubt I shall let you all know how it went,if I can raise a limp finger to touch the little letters on my ipad!xx


O pink blossom I really feel for ya, starting back to work is never easy and I find that I loose a little bit of confidence after ive been off sick so I hope that you find the transistion back as manageable as possible and that your co workers show empathy and understanding. On top of that your also dealing with the breakdown of your relatioship which is bound to have left its mark so please be gentle with yourself give yourself time to grieve and learn from this relationship and I wish you luck and love for the future

Dixie xxx


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