Has anyone information on Community Care Assessments please?

Hi, three people this week have suggested to me to ask Social Services for a Care Assessment - I need to know more about this first as there doesn't seem to be any criteria and I don't want to be going through my personal stuff for 2 hours (I believe) then to be told no, think it's best to be informed first if possible from others who've had personal experience on this - any info will be helpful - thank you.

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  • I had one last week.A social worker came round and filled in a questionnaire with me about how I cope with personal care and safety etc.I had typed out a list of my health problems and how they affect me,medication and different people I am or have seen eg Dr physio consultants.she seemed pleased as it saved some time.We came to the conclusion that I could see if funding is available for meals on wheels as I don't need a care package just yet.

  • Thanks Amanda - I am struggling, (shopping, housework, paperwork, meetings), but have no idea how bad it has to get for you to receive help, I wonder what kind of questions they ask, or what kind of help they can give? x

  • as far as I know it is literally personal care they can help with like bathing and eating and toileting needs.I think you have to use DLA for a support carer.

  • I have to apply for one for my mother in law as in the even of her being without father in law she wouldn't be able to stay alone...we all work and none of us could stop work to care 24/7 as well as looking after our families...we were advised on the assesmnt by the Alzhiemers society which should mean once we have it done things will be able to run more smoothly if she was to end up on her own...we could manage care in the short term with compassinate leave but that would only be for a month in total.

  • Here's some info about a Care Assessment Reflections, hope this helps you.

    Wishing you all the best. Take care. Here's a hug (((hug)))


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