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No rinse shampoo??

My monthly fibromyalgia magazine has dropped on the door mat this morning,there is a piece in there from someone that has discovered a no rinse shampoo apparently it's good for those who have difficulty washing hair,they also sell other things quite similar,sadly I'm not alowed to post any links which is a shame but if you think it's something that might help you send me a pm and I can give you the details xx

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I know what you mean - it isn't a substitute for ever washing your hair, but it makes your hair presentable for another day or two between washes.

It is such a pain having to get others to help ut with washing your hair isn't it, fortunately my daughters and carers help me - so that is all good.

Julie xx


Thanks for your reply,iv had a couple already asking for details so I'm pleased that some people will find it a great help,they also sell no rinse toothpaste and shampoo caps!xx


yes i have it its a spray and when my hands and arms are too sore to wash my hair i use it.


Sounds like you've got it all sorted,well done xx


I use a spray dry shampoo in between hair washes, it's brilliant! Years ago dry shampoos used to make your hair look dull, these days they don't if you buy a good one. My hair still shines and doesn't feel greasy or dry, it feels clean after. Easy to shampoo out too.

A cheaper good dry shampoo spray can be bought from Wilkinsons, but Batiste do a variety and they are all great. :)


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