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When Is a doctor not a doctor?

I find that it is absurd that a qualified General Practitioner / Doctor who in their opinion have made a proffesional decision about a persons illness and future prognosis can later be over ridden by somebody not nearly as medically learned I think this is an abuse of practice by the current government and detrimental to those already unfortunate to be at a disadvantage of health. Why wasn't this blocked by the legal law of practice and I do believe in the future there will be millions possibly billions paid out in. Compensation to those affected.

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If you are talking about an assessment carried out by someone for PIp or ESA I wholeheartedly agree. The assessments are an absolute disgrace.


That is more or less what my new gp said. He said when it was DLA he felt it worth giving a report as he felt it was given respect but now it is PIP he feels he has little or no influence on a decision. He said when i have people in wheelchairs having to go to appeal I despair of the system!x


Has a petition been started on this? Because surely there should be if there isn't.

The system needs to change.


With ESA there is a list of conditions that are assessed by real doctors (most of them are neurological). When I had my assessment I fist saw a nurse but had to come back to have an assessment with a doctor as they did not know about my nerve condition (forgot to tell them on the paperwork)

Maybe they should make that list longer and include more conditions


the assessor at my Assessment said he was a paramedic,

i noticed he was doing a lot more typing at a very fast speed than what my answers were


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