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Question about op

I had a hystroctomy in september and i am recovering well, apart fromhaving a throat infection everything seems to be fine. Over the last few days my scare has started to itch there is no reding or anything like that it just itches. Has anyone else had this problem and can give adivice what to do, do i become apain and go back to my doctor i seem to have been there a lot since hop with high blood presure and infections.



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I haven't had a hysterectomy but after other ops I have had my scars have itched, I have always been told it is because the wound is healing inside. If you are worried go and see your doctor or ring up and ask to speak to them, they are there to help you and put your mind at ease.



It's the nerve endings knitting together


Hi honey i've had a full hysterectomy and 2 other laparotomys so used to how you are feeling and so long as it's not hot and red then it's just healing but if your still worried then try warm salt water with cotton wool see if that helps or visit your doctor. Hope you heal well honey xx


If you have any concerns about how your scar is healing, please pop along and show your GP. This will ensure you are healing properly and if there is anything wrong it can be resolved early on. It's always best to check. :)


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