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Thank you Lacey!

I have been reading Lacey's post about new research into lipid supplements - it is certainly thought-provoking!

It has long been my opinion and indeed experience, that almost any disease can be improved by correct nutrition, and in some cases, supplements which fall outside the normal food range ( remember Lorenzo's Oil ?).

The evidence is overwhelming that the body can often heal itself if given the right tools!

Let's hope that some boffin can find a supplement to help us fibromites get better, and in the meantime, let's watch programs like 'The Food Hospital' where they seem to have amazing results.

I always try to eat a healthy diet of mostly unprocessed foods, and this definitely improves my symptoms, tho' I'm not cured.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as Fibro, and so I follow an anti-inflammatory diet ( see 'Food Hospital' website for details, but there are many sites on the web which describe the foods which are suitable).

It most definitely improves the RA, and seems to reduce the crushing fatigue associated with Fibro. It also keeps your insides regular, lessening the effects of IBS. There is a weight-controlling influence, too, so you really can't lose, can you?

(Am posting most of this reply as a separate blog as I find the subject so interesting. Thanks Lacey for your painstaking research and interesting blog!)

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Hi Moffy, yes it is really interesting, I agree. Nice to know there is research being done out there.

Piggie hugs xxxx


Thank you for highlighting this ~ I read with interest about the Food Hospital... I dont watch much TV only a couple of select programmes ( Miranda.. for laughter being one..;-)0 . what channel and when is this on as I think it maybe helpful too.

And you are more than welcome, if it can help any one of us then its worth researching.



Hi Lacey, I think it's channel 4 8 o clock on a Tuesday (in the evening). It looks like this week is a 'Kids Special' but they have all sorts of things on there. :)

Thanks for the post Ladymoth! (What exactly does Lorenzo's Oil do?) :)



Hi Funkyfairy ~ Hope all is good with you today. Thank you for the info, will take a look Tuesday..

Lorenzos oil was a film based on a true story..

here is a link for more info.. '-)'s_Oil

Its a good film to watch xxx


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