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fed up and miserable

why cant doctors concentrate on two things at the same time ?

i went to see him about why my hand and knuckles had swollen up to twice there normal size as well as a a lump thats come up just under my boob , and all he said was well the hands most probably an infection but it might be the start of arthritis well thats helpful !!! and as for the lump under my boob its an abscess :(

he then asked do you have anymore like under the arm or on the groin i said yes i did in one area , and because i also have heavy periods and previous pre cancer history he sent me straight in for a smear oh blooming deep joy and happiness !!

and this is the bit that was the most fun, i got a 2 for 1 deal on the smear not only did i get a cervix sweep i got a quick sweep of my womb , not the most fun !! , almost wish i'd kept me mouth shut and got more info on what ''oh well it could be the start of arthritis'' ?!?!

but this is the bit that got me upset , i got home and couldnt even manage to do a little bit of hoovering , i know its stupid but i hate that i get worn out so much by the things that most people take in there stride , any way rant over and hope everyone is having as good a day as they can soft hugs to all who need them xx

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hi , i hope your results come back ok. i have arthritis its just another thing we take in our stride. If you think about housework its always there next time and you did manage to get to the DRs and start getting the ball rolling . have a coffee and put your feet up you deserve it , warm hugs x


Oh Hun, I'm so sorry you arnt good at all at the mo, it sure is miserable isn't it!! I too hope the results come back all ok, I'm sure they will. I agree to, the housework will be there the next day! Do things only when you have the strength! Take care. Annie xx


thanks irisjoy and waterfall/annie its good to know theres others out there that understand :) xx

and your right the housework will always be there , snag is i end up with at least 2 inchs of dog hair all over the house if i dont hoover at least once a day, and then i get furry feet when i shuffle off the get a cuppa lol :) x


I think furry feet look cute hope results are clear p


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