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my heat pack had died!!!!!! oh no

well its just that kind of day!!

i am always bad in the mornings(unless i been up all night!) stiff, swollen, moody!, but this morning was horrid, even though it was the best and longest sleep i had in ages it was the worst morning! and to top that my 17mth ols was on hyper tear the house apart mode, then found out i was £69.50 down as i be part of an internet thing (partly my fault for putting my card details in, anyways...)and i ended up on the fone all morning, i am tottally entitled to get it bk but i had to write a letter quoting credit act law etc so it will take ages to get it back if at all:( i even emailed watchdog!!!!!) so most the morning i was crying and stressed and my ibs started :(

but my hubby told me to take some money from his bank and have lunch so i did.

my girl are home from school now even my lil one is sitting nicely watching toy story 3.

and my heat pk has been keeping me company so i been feeling a bit better just feeling so stiff now(wether thats fibro or my other osteo issues) my heat pk was spinning away in the micro wen i smelled the smell of death, i had put my heat pack in twisted up and for too long and it nearly caught fire!!! the material burnt, holes, big holes letting all the beans out.

now im so gutted as i love my heatpack, i shall get a new one over the wkend but for now i guess i can try my girls hot water bottle.

i partly owe my day getting better to this site to, its nice to rant here and its reassuring to read other blogs and know im not struggling alone.

im struggling to type and text the last few days as wen my fingers move the tendons in my wrist start aching :( so i will say goodbye now

i hope everyone has a nice evening if ur like me u bit better in the evening, just not looking forward to the morning pains :(

anyway off point again i was saying bye

blessing and healing hugs Tinker~Fae xxx<3

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Hi again,

Sorry things have been stressful for you today. I am the same with being caught up in the internet and people trying to get money off you. Luckily I check with Mum and she shouts NO!!!! before I do anything. The worst one was when I was happily on my computer, pretty content and suddenly all these pop ups come up on on it telling me I have ten viruses - 3 of them zone red. Silly me I realise I hadn't put a virus checker on my computer because -silly me- the temp ran out months ago so it was unprotected the whole time. It even got me to put in card details to get a security sheild but in the end I ended up giving it to my neighbour..who a genius and fixed it within a day. It was so stressful though. Not the same but I can semi relate.

Try not to think about. I know from experiance that it's the best way - and it will probably be sorted out. You sound like in you're in a lot pain - hope you feel better soon. Just try to relax and rest then it should start to ease. I'm the same, stress makes it worse. Hot water bottles are great...I got one last Christmas and I keep forgetting to use it...the joys of fog eh..? Enjoy spending time with family. :)

(Extra!) Soft Hugs from me. :) Glad you are already finding this site useful. It always makes me days better, even when at my lowest.

Fay xx


Noooooo not your snugly heat pack.... They are part of our lives ...mine spends more time with me than my family... Though I wouldn't really want my 15 yr old son on my shoulder...

Hugs VG x


OOh poor you the death of your heat pack mine is shaped like a teddy and usually sits on my shoulder at least he is not a parrot lol pieces of eight. Hope you find a nice new one. Your little one sounds like a corker - girl or boy?

I do hope today is easier for you after all it is Friday TGIF although as I no longer can work it is mostly just another day, Have a good one xgins


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