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Sometimes we can not win just now very deaf OH

comes down stairs firstly he informs me he has broken his razor ( I will go and try and re assemble it) then I am told off for shouting - me I did not shout I raised my voice- the deaf old coot any way what time of day does he call this, now he apologises oh he makes me so weary !

Hands and feet are being very obnoxious today and I feel weary . I know it is me I could do with some one who actually listens. A bucketful of energy how marvelous would that be you could all have some too xgins

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hugs VD, we are listening!!

i hope ur day improves, u have just reminded me i have energy drink in fridge oh but the ibs is here today so better not drink that!! sending u some healing hugs and hopefully the fae will find there way to bring u some sparkle xxx


Oh gins my OH has gone into hospital today for his op.... I will be quiet getting up he says... 5am he has a sneezing snorting fit... Wakes up the whole house ... I get up wearily to sort out he has got everything in his bag.... Turned round ... He has gone back to sleep !!!!!!! Cos his alarm was set for 5.30..... Then he rolls into the kitchen moaning cos I have put the washing machine on....


VG xx


I do hope the op goes ok thinking of you xgins


Ha ha. At least these men give us something to write about ;-)

I hope the op goes ok.

Piggie higs xxxx


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