don't give in

When i saw my doctor last week he was sympathetic and has tried me on the new meds, but it is always the same thing, don't give into it. Sometimes it is easier said than done, does anyone else feel like this. Also does anyone have problems controlling their body temp i cam be so cold even to the extent of shivering at times yet another time i am red hot

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  • Sometimes I think doctors don't really know what to say that is helpful as they know that there is nothing that they can do to make us better other than help to control symptoms through medication. That's why they fall back on the 'don't give in to it' routine.

    As for the body temperature thing, yes, many of us on the site have the same problem. I tried to plant a few bulbs out yesterday. My head was dripping with sweat while my hands and feet were frozen solid! I spend most nights fighting with the duvet because I am either too hot or too cold. My body thermostate is definitely broken! You are not on your own. Jane x

  • same here!

  • and me!


  • I have temperature control problems too. I don't seem to be able to maintain a steady body heat. I'm either on fire or bitterly cold.Hang on in there with your GP' at least he seems to care. xx

  • ha-ha, hot & cold non-running fibromites!

    Sudden stupid thought, but it amused me! xx

  • I'm normally on fire; but if I get cold I can take days to warm up again.

    Julie xx

  • I am sat here with a cardigan, a huge fleece and thermal fingerless gloves, jeans and thermal leggings, thick socks etc typing in my lounge, I am permanently cold through Autumn, Winter and Spring! Brrrrrrrr!

  • the same goes for me hot all over feet and hands freezingxx

  • im so cold usually not been hot for a while so want some hot flushes lol, and its me that usually says that to the drs that i wont give into it and wont go onto pain relief tabs

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