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who has ongoing difficulty walking because of fibro? I have to use crutches and/or a mobility scooter when I'm out (and crutches sometimes indoors) because I feel really wobbly as if I'm going to fall (and sometimes do) .my legs are really stiff which makes my feet drag so I trip over.My physio says it is usual to feel unbalanced around the hi[p area with fibro.I had hydrotherapy for the first time last week and it really showed up just how wobbly I am! Is anyone else like this?

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I used to fall a lot - my GP gave me a medi to control dizziness and it has made a world of difference, now I am more of a Weeble, I wobble but I don't fall down.

If I stand still, however, for more than a few seconds the muscles in the back of my thighs go into a tremor ... it makes standing impossible after a minute or two, I wobble and shake .... but I have to stand and have a stretch because I get stiff sitting for too long.

My conclusion .... fibro is a bitch! Not very helpful I know, but you are not alone .. I too wobble!

Julie xx


I used to walk I wobbly lines when out, now i have to use an electric wheelchair or I just wouldn't manage to get anywhere at all. Indoors is tricky due to space, but again due to a combination of dizziness and wonky non-compliant legs - I resort to various aids such as crutches/walker/trolley, depending on which room I'm in and what task I'm trying to complete.

It's just such an energy-drainer all of this isn't it? The effort of mobility alone sometimes totally detracts from me even achieving the very thing I needed to be mobile for... (if that makes ANY sense)



I do notice that if I stand for more than a few seconds even, my legs start to wobble and tingle. I have 2 walking sticks but they make my hands and shoulders worse as my grip is terrible. My daughter says I look like a penguin - albeit a cut penguin!!


i have a walking stick but only use when out for the longer walks (which is very rare)! in and out of car all time so the most walking i do is a supermarket! then i hae the trolley to hold onto or my hubby.

off balance a fair bit & i trip my feet hurt to stand on and always on sides of my feet. when going to the bank to sput chqs in i have nothing to hold onto but a little pole in good when there is a Q and i am stood watching it as you do feel off balance if got to stand.

I am having sponge handle made so that its not too much on hands.

i not in need of a wheelchair but if i am brutally honest if i had no trolley round the supermarket which is uncomfy to hold onto!! i can see myself needing one in another year i reckon if not sooner as i have seen how i have progressed in 2 and half years .

Crutches seem to be the thing for sufferes although not very appealing either,



Yes Amanda, you just described my life with RA and FIBRO. I too use a power chair when outdoors, or I would just be sitting in the house alone.


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