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walking !!!!!!!!!!

I walked my dog the other day ,only about 15mins ! and towards the end i was really struggling to put one foot infront of the other.........stiff,heavy, painful !!!! it took so much energy to move them ! i felt as if ...soon i wont be able to walk atall ! and i'm not exagerating.

My ankle permanently hurts now, especially walking down steps .

I feel as though my fibro has progressed if thats possible and worry that if my walking gets like this again but i am further from home , what would happen , is it possible to actually become unable to walk ?

Please let me know your stories, or opinions x

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Hello Larissa, bless you!

It sounds to me that you have overdone it, you have walked too far. I know we all think 15 minutes isn't long, but with Fibromyalgia being so unpredictable all it takes is 15 minutes on the wrong day and we can be laid up literally. I know I can.

You struggled at the end and pushed yourself even further to get home. As a result you would have "paid for it" after the event with no doubt more pain. It's the Fibro cycle of overdoing it. Your ankle is now showing signs of being overworked and it needs to rest. Sometimes even walking up or down steps can be torturous especially when we've overworked our limbs or perhaps may be in the middle of a flare-up.

I haven't heard that someone has just stopped being able to walk on the spot, it is possible to struggle to walk with Fibro, but each case is different and it won't necessarily develop this way.

The secret is to pace yourself, don't walk too far. Plan your walk when you feel at your best, don't walk far. It's always possible to walk further another time. Make sure you can walk back. If possible find a bench and take a rest midway through the walk and again when you need it. Plan where you are walking so you can sit down and rest once or twice depending on how you feel.

The thing with Fibro is that we have to plan our activities a bit more than most people. With planning you can have a lovely walk with your dog, have a sit down, an ice cream maybe and then walk home. You can still enjoy things with a bit of planning. Hope this makes sense and you enjoy your walks in future. Take care. :)

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Hello Liberty,

Thank you so much for your answer, it makes sense .

I find it really hard sometimes, judging how much i think i can do and this is definetely one of those times !

You have made some very good suggestions , things that i dont usually think about but will do now x


Have you ever been assessed for either Hypermobility Syndrome or Myofascial Pain? Both of these have affected by ability to walk at times, sometimes severely.


I've got to the point where I literally couldn't take another step and have needed a wheel chair or else to be practically carried, it is not at all pleasant and in fact very embarrassing. Take it easy cuz Fibro is a bitch.

Julie xx


My husbands physio told him to 'think about how far you think you can walk, then halve it' from what I have been reading re fibro and all your comments it seems to me that this applies to every activity you do. I know in research in USA that a lot of fibro sufferers overdo things on good days, which sets you back. Will put the link up for you in a minute so you can check it out for yourselves. Need to find it first tho'


FIBROMYALGIA & THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE USA if you go on google and put in a search with the above title it takes you to Fair Oaks Bowen and the above article. I think you will all find it very interesting.

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It's a good idea to pace yourself when walking, and plan for a couple of 'pit-stops' on the way. Four years ago, being advised by my GP in Scotland to do as much exercise as possible, I joined a hill-walking club.

That was a BIG mistake.

Fortunately, the other members of the group were awfully nice about having to carry me most of the way back, and the leader took me out to dinner a few evenings on.

He was very charming, but I felt such a fool that I didn't want to get involved with someone so fit and active ... pity, 'cos I still think of him fondly!

Luv, Moffy


I had the Bowen technique once, very odd. didn't help me at all. I'd take an Aromatherapy session anyday.

Cheers, Midori


Hi Larissa,I no ex how you feel,i too wld walk the dog but have found myself hardly bn able to put one foot infront of the other with this heavy feeling in my legs...i have been a fibro suffer for 8yrs and this past 2 yrs i have went down hill...this yr is wen the heavy feeling is in my legs/arms and its been scaring me.My GP has just said the usual its your fibro but telling him that i look at a flight of stairs an wonder how im gona get to the top is not right..I to do not no if it is the fibro but i am able to walk less an less each time..

I hope you get the anwerser to this and plz share with me if you do..

soft hugs Xxx


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