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What Meds do you find helpful?

Hi fellow Fibro mites, well at moment well and trully fed up, with meds that help short term then side affects become worse than not taking the pills I feel GP must be fed up with suggesting things. I also have Osteoarthritis Hips, knees, shoulder, hands, etc and Fibro diagnosed in 1993. Mainly i take pain relief but since they took away co-proxamol nothing works as well, at moment have paracetamol and tramadol recently had Entoricobix anti imflamatory but had to stop as indegestion just getting really bad also headaches and palpatations worse than normal, not due back to Doc till 22nd this month and don't really know what to tell him other than I FEEL LIKE CRAP please do something, sorry just need a mone but would appreciate any comments on meds you have .

soft hugs to all love Sue x

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Hi total sympathies I have fibro and osteo arthritis ankle knees and hands... I take night meds dosulepin and clonezapam ... Pain med .. None .. Can't find any that don,t make me feel worse like you have tried loads . The only thing I can tolerate is paracetamol and only take that for headaches cos for the rest of my pain I might as well be taking smarties. I have a massage when I can afford it and trigger

Point injections in my neck and shoulders for muscle spasms but for the arthritis nothing .. Have just started taking glucosamine and chondroitin tabs to see if they help...

VG x


Hi sue, sorry to hear your not having much look with your meds, ive just been back to my drs today after constant pain for months, ive been on tramacet, amitryptilline and carbamazapine for my fm and two lots of beta-blockers for migraines, the dr has now added naproxen and omeprazole to the mix, she said that if these dont help then ive got to go down the injection route etc. Im also having accupuncture at the hospital which help but only for a few days. Really wish there was decent meds tht are proven to work for fm!


how about asking for a referal to a rheumatologist ? do you see a consultant for your arthritis ? mine refered me to rheumy , best of luck but it seems to be trial and error , my rheumy sent my GP a list of meds for me to try X J


For night time I am trying Amitrips again, they stopped working last time so I do not hold out much hope of them helping me for long this time. Pain meds, not on any, they interfere with other health problems I have so it is a case of grinning and bearing it. But I am due back to GP Tuesday as my CLuster Headaches are back with a vengence and I really need something for them. Hoping he will offer something short term until the stop. Last time I had them it lasted 6 weeks, the time before that 3 weeks. I am into the third day so far and I have had more than enough of it. I have tried all different meds from rheumy in the beginning(20+ years ago) and then stuff from GP up unitl being diagnised with duodenal and stomach ulcers, and nothing ever seemed to help, take the edge off slightly but that is all. So now I just take paracetamol for a normal headache and to take the edge off the spinal osteoarthritis. I hope you do get something that works for you, sometimes even easing the pain makes it easier to deal with xxxxx


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