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Occ health, advice please

Is there a health and safety issue with people with fibroymialga in the work place, I can't do restraints no more for the obvious reasons, can I be descrimmited against maybe they could say " if we knock into you or you get caught in the cross fire in a restraint we could hurt you Nicki" what can I say to that please, help most greatly appreciated, need it for fri

Regards to you all nicki

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Hi Nicki

As I understand it, your work should do a H&S Assessment if required to see if changes need to be made in your workplace or work regime. However, they should not be able to use this to discriminate against you.

This site looks very helpful:

It would be best if you got some specialist individual advice. One of the organisation listed at the bottom of the page linked below may be able to help:

Best wishes



Thank you Linz xxx


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