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Pain, Pain and More Pain

Not a good day. Pain in left side of my throat is bad. I tell people I haven't got a cold type of sore throat. I have pain in my throat. This is usually accompanied by my voice going from nothing to a sexy husky sound. Although my voice can change or disappear without pain. I seen various ologists over the years before fibro was diagnosed and nothing could be found. However once I was diagnosed I was told it was fibro causing it as it affecting the muscles in my throat. And the best thing to do is not talk ( something I like to do) drinks fluids and rest. Family and friends never comment when my voice is off their are so used to it. In fact people avoid talking to me as they say I've to rest my throat. I don't want to rest my voice I want to participate in the world. I feel I live in bubble where life is happening on the outside and I can't take part. When it disappear completely it makes me feel vulnerable when I have to out. And if the phone rings I just look at it and think " yeah and what am I suppose to do with you."

I did have one stranger who called trying to sell me something offering to come around to my home because I was making him horny

Sorry it's a long moan but my throat really hurts and my voice is hardly there. But it's ok because my ESA as been stopped because I should be looking for work. With no voice a lot of the time would be interesting what job I can do.

Thanks for being there. It's good to let rip occasionally with people who understand. After all I LOOK WELL

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Hi Fed up,

What bad luck hope your throat calms soon, I know what you mean about the husky voice sounding deliciously sexy I have been told that before,.

I hope you are going to appeal about your ESA you obviously canot work!

Take care keep sipping cold drinke xgins


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