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I Don't believe it (said like Victor Meldrew)

Many moons ago, June to be exact, I may have mentioned I am to be refered to the ME/ CFS clinic in Liverpool and am still waiting!

Today I saw my doctor and she couldn't work out why I hadn't had an appointment yet and gave me their number. So after leaving the surgery with a sack load of prescriptions including a new one to try, I came home and gave them a ring.

Ooo said the lovely lady, you were refered across to the Royal, you should have heard from them by now, here is their number!

So I rang them. Well said the equally lovely lady, you were sent an appointment for July. Really, I said, I never got it. She proceeded to read out the address it was sent to which turns out to be my old address I haven't lived at for over 10 years!!!! No wonder I didn't get my appointment. The lovely and now rather embarrassed lady at the other end of the phone said, leave it with me and I will contact records who sent out the appointments to open your file again and send it to the right address, which is on all your paperwork.

So I am now waiting for a phone call to see if I have an appointment in November.

Oooo the phone is ringing...................

8th November it is then, wish me luck.

Piggie Hugs xxxxxxxx

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