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Where to begin?

I have had this pain for four years. It began with a Spontaneous Pneumothorax and I've been struggling ever since. The pain began in my chest, spread to my lower ribs and shoulder and is now also constant in my ankles and knee. I sometimes get lower back ache as well as bouts of depression, swollen hands, bouts of dizzy spells and severe tiredness. Within these four years, my lifestyle has changed dramatically and I barely recognise myself some days. I now have agoraphobia and high anxiety. I also have a partner who was struck down with osteomyelitis. which has left him with severe back pain and well as many other health problems.


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That sounds pretty awful for you and your other half. No wonder you have high anxiety levels - you must feel like you have been through some kind of assult or attack after all that. I hope your journey in life reaches calmer, more gentle waters soon and you get chance to rest and become stronger.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


Morning Gemarella.

You are certainly going trough tough times at the moment my thoughts are with you , do take it gently try not to beat your self up about doing chores they will always be there another day . It sounds like both of you need to what my Mum would have called cossit yourselves. You will have good days and some bad try very heard to be as up beat as you can smiling releases feel good hormones so here is a smile for you :) xgins


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