GROWING PAINS - were they the beginning of FMS?

When I was a child - certainly from 6 years old, I had pains in my arms and legs every night when I was trying to get to sleep. I was told by my Mum that they were growing pains. This was a widely held believe amongst grannies in those days. I've always wondered if my life-long pain sensitivity is related to these pains. I used to be given aspirin and told to go to sleep (pre aspirin worries by about 50 years),


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  • hi hunny hay you are looky i was just told they are growing pain they are good so just go to sleep and that was 45 years ago

    so may of been the start of this shitty thing

    but it was a very active person i worked in ridding schools as an AI then in a farm and then in chidrens homes

    and then this thing hit and scroude my hole life up and now they have given me this lymphedema so my mobilety is even worse now

    so after long winded yes i had growing pains

    soft hugs kath xx

  • Thanks Kath, just wondering if there is any connection.

    Whippet x

  • Oh...yes, I had really bad growing pains...really bad!! You know what? I have always asked myself if there was any connection with my fibro. Had eczema too, really bad:-(

  • Hi! I am 61, and when I started school at 5,(wayback when!) I had a medical, as you did, and my mum told them about my pain, and inability to cross my legs when sitting on the floor, which, in school I was 'made' to do in assembly, then when we stood up again, my legs were wobbly and full of pins n needles, so I staggered about,( and got hit for messing about). all this was put down to 'growing pains', and it carried on all through school with knees giving way, legs not working propperly, inability to run fast or jump high!! all again, growing pains...... But was it?....... luvnhugs xxx

  • Thanks Chrystalblade, I think I will be a pest and keep reposting this every week or ask Admin what they would suggest because the kind of pain I had then was not as bad but of a similar nature i.e. like toothache in my legs.

    Whippet x

  • Growing Pains how that brings back memories. I always found running or sporty type things exhausting and oft times painful to do and was celebrating when I entered 2nd year at High School and could 'drop' them at last. By that time my pain/fatigue was being blamed on 'female troubles' so to speak.

    When it persisted at 16 I was sent to a Psychiatrist who send me back with a strict order to 'look again' or 'try something else/look else where' as my troubles were physical/medical not 'in my head' - another popular mantra.

    My congenital spinal deformities were blamed as well briefly despite my pain being elsewhere on my body.

    IBS diagnosis in early 20's plus a new symptom - sleep anomalies/difficulties - added to the list.

    RA at 28 and finally diagnosis at around 31 by 2 different Rheumy Docs at the Clinic. Score. Only took around 25 to 30 years all toll!!

  • Thanks Lioslaith. I'm sure there's something in it and wish somebody would research it.

    Hope you are well.

    Whippet x

  • Hi whippet,

    I'm 41 and my mother took me to the docs around 7 years old with terrible pains in my legs, the doc said it was just growing pains, I've always wondered if thats when fibro started for me, I've never been able to cross my legs or kneel for longer than a minute as I get stuck and can't get up because I then have pins and needles in both legs,even at a very young age i couldnt do it, I think your probably right about there being a connection.

    Irene x

  • How strange, I had growing pains in my legs especially at night my son also had them though and he's fine now. I also get pins and needles if I kneel and terrible pains in my knees. I also suffered very bad migraines as a youngster too.

  • I definitely was told it was growing pains but then the medical profession decided there was no such thing. I also had bad headaches, the kind that made me pass out and was only diagnosed with migraines last year!

    Hope you well.

    Whippet x

  • I don't remember having growing pains...I did get pins and needles very easily and I hardly slept. I also discovered last year that when I was about 3/4 I was in hospital having tests done because I was small (which is another theory out there) My daughter suffers a lot with I'm keeping an eye on her, if I take her to Drs now they'll just say it's puberty!

  • I am asking this question to see if there is/was a connection. The medical profession decided there was not such thing as growing pains by the time I was in my teen by which tiime I was in the middle of a hormonal nightmare!

    Hope you and your daughter are well.

    Whippet x

  • Growing pains do not exist I was told when i finally saw a specalist in fibro. I sufferers a lot when i was younger and it was when the fatigue hit me, and I saw a younger doctor who knew what fibro is, and saw something was wrong with me

  • I think growing pains probably don't exist, what I'm trying to establish is how many of us suffered unexplaind pain as children. Seems to be quit a few!

    Hope you're well.

    Whippet x

  • I too had 'growing pains' and pins and needles when i had to sit cross legged at school. Certainly makes you wonder if there is a connection.

  • me too… I was also a small baby, but any pains i got when growing up were all attributed to being born with dislocated hips! I was 'put' in Great Ormond Street Children's hosp from a few months old, but my parents would never talk about it much as i think I was put in their country hospital in Surrey (dont think its there now) but I think I was there for months…. unfortunately this was back in the 60's and things like that were brushed under the carpet….was it embarrassing to have a child with a disability??? I think Idid get the best treatment as i remained under the care of GOSH until I was nearly 16 and from the ages of 17 have been under the care of Royal National Orthopaedic for over 30 years! so cant complain there, but all pains i had were just called ''rheumatism'' back then and nothing else was looked at, but I guess i have had symptoms of FMS all my life to some degree.

    My worst memories of pain whilst growing up was after an op at age 9 as my hip had dislocate again, the docs explained (I was 9) what they were going to do, so i imagined i would wake up from the op and would be fine, but they forgot to mention i was going to be in a plaster cast from my toes to by chest and stay like it for about 2 months!

    I also couldn't cross my legs in school assemblies, or join in, in sports/PE… i was always the one that no one picked for being in their team!

    Although knowing i had hip problems the schools were very unsympathetic and even in winter, back in 60's girls were not allowed to wear trousers for school, but my mum asked if i could, to keep my legs warm…. the answer was a flat NO!!

    Even at work i was bullied by my boss as i was losing the strength to go out driving each day and having to carry a heavy Briefcase full of files … this was before laptops, but even then i wouldn't have bene able to carry a laptop around all day. I was becoming a danger to myself and other road users as i couldn't even remember my drive home, i was just so shattered.

    so I think my FM Symptoms started many years ago, but no one recognised the symptoms as being a condition….. I have even been bullied by a GP…saying if I set light to your trousers you would run out of the surgery!! :0 (All this was about 2 years prior to having my hip replaced…so I dont think he even believed anything about that.. we had just moved and obviously picked the wrong GP to register with !!

    I should have made an official complaint, but all i idd was change doctors…. just because he liked to run marathons, everyone who didnt was lazy!!!!

    ooopppsss sorry I have written too much xxx ((((hug))))

  • You carry on .rozzy. it will do you goodl you've had a bunch of crap doctors and a hard time!

    Whippet x

  • Hypermobility is now thought to be a risk factor for developing Fibro and hypermobility has a strong genetic aspect to it and can effect children more severely. I do now wonder whether the people with Fibro who had "growing pains", had them because they are/were hypermobile and, without knowing it, this put them at higher risk of developing Fibro in later life.

  • Don't know too much about hypermobility but will look it up. I just askd the question because I used to tell my mum I had toothaache in my legs and that's what my fibro pain feels like now. Not trying to present a hypothesis. but it is amazing how many people seem to have had 'growing pains when they were kids, Has anybody looked at it?

  • I have hypermobility syndrom. I only found out last month, I have been dx with fibro for a few years now. I had terrible growing pains when i was a child. My mam used to make me hot water bottles to help. I get the very same pains now,but i can handle them better with being an adult. So i think it was to do with the hypermobility as i got fibro through child birth.

    Hugs, kel xxxx

  • me too kel i had terrible growing pains ,i used cry and role about with them ,and i was told "oh there just growing pains "

    ive recently been dx with hypermobilty aswell ,now its far worse.

    but its a great topic to get info on ,ive always wondered the same thing ,my eldest daughter gets terrible growing pain now and when she was little ,and now gets bad hips aswell ,when i was 15 i started to get bad hips ,i just hope she dosnt get fibro ,like me :(

  • I think that too with my kids, jasmin my oldest gets growing pains and she has clicky feet, its a horrible sound and holly my middle one always complains of her legs hurting. I wouldnt wish these on my worst enemy (well there is one lass lol). But yeah its always in the back of my mind that i have passed the hypermobility syndrome down at least.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi Chris, Iuse to have really terrible growing pains as they were known as and remember crying and rolling around on the floor, I took up Athletics seriously at school and used to run and do long jump, so all those hours of pounding pavements in my early teens, my poor hips and knees, boo hoo!!!!! I can't put any weight on my right knee when I first get up. so thats proving fun!!!!!

    Gentle Hugs

    Sue x x x x

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