daughter upate

daughter upate

hi my fibro buddies just thought i would let you know how my daughter is doing and myself too , she has been has some eggs removed due to the fact the chemo may damage them during treatment she is also haveing some embryos removed too she has to wait til he 2nd week in her next perion then 2 weeks after that when her chemo start she has already had the portha cath set up she is getting a little stronger every day her little boy is keeping her busy and tiring her out a bit more then normal , she has moved now and feels more relaxed now she is closer to her husbands mum for help ( i feel relieved too) sh is still remainimg stromg and positive as we all are :) , i myself began to fee like i was a spinning top getting out of control what with my pain my worry and everything else going on in and around me saw my gp and spoke hoe i felf a and feeling he has upped my morphine which is helping at time s but more so he has given me something to relax and calm me down that does seem to be helping me lot s although i am sooo tired but taking every oppertunity to sleep when i can rather then fight it , just thought i would keep you all updated on everything lots of love to you all teresa xxx i have enclosed a piccy of my lil grandson Rupert he is so aorable xx his mummy is sooo strong

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  • thanks for the positive update and that georgeous [sp?] piccy of Rupert - he just makes me smile too!



  • he makes everyone smile he is so delightful he is always smiling xx :)

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