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My latest idea now who can make me one?

Having fibro and arthritis autumn and winter although I love both seasons they don't love me... So I have an idea.... Thinking of onesies I immediately thought of the Waltons.. Where granpa and dad Walton wore those all in one long John thingies... Well I want a super thin one of those but with double thickness and in between the layers I want a heating system that can be charged up thoughout the day like a mobile phone so I am always toastie and warm...

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Is this the sort of thing you mean:


How much? Scrapes jaw off floor ... Will stick to hot water bottles duct taped to various bits of my body..... Thanks for the link though.... That's exactly what I had in mind...



surely termal long johns and a thermal vest with stick on heat pads would do the trick for way less than $1025

Julie xx


for my nearly £500 I would need someone to help me in and out daily and for the loo!



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